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  • Your New Hire is Ready to Quit!

What?! You just hired her and she is ready to leave already. Why? Answer: she is aggravated and feels out of place. You put in a lot of time and effort to write and post your performance profile with the best intentions. You interviewed several qualified candidates and then conducted the second interview for the finalists. After much thought and collaboration you and your team decided on the best possible fit and offered her the position. Sadly, on the first and second day, she is ready to leave but you can’t understand why. Here are a few reasons:

• After the offer letter was signed and start date was set your new talent was left idle waiting for background checks to come in and/or the start date to arrive.
• She shows up on the first day with no game plan in place, unsure of where to park and not sure how to get into the building. All the while looking and feeling new, out of place and a little nervous to say the least.
• After waiting for you or her supervisor to show up, she then waits while you visit with Billy in the break room and get a cup of coffee. Next, she gets to have a seat waiting for you to put together some paperwork, watch you answer phone calls, emails and other employees’ requests and generally not be prepared to help her get started in her new position.
• Now that it’s mid-morning she can start filling out her I-9, W4, direct deposit slip and other critical but not work related paperwork. If she’s lucky she can then watch the company orientation video for the next 37 minutes.
• 12:00 and it’s lunch time. After not getting much done this morning she is now told “see you after lunch”. If she comes back at all you have luck on your side.
• The rest of the afternoon will be similar. She may or may not get her email account set up and still doesn’t know where to park. The day is now over and not much was accomplished for your new hire.

Ok maybe you’re more organized than that but you get the point. The scenario above may be overstated but take just a few of those examples or some of the many, many other real-time examples and you can see how aggravating an unorganized onboarding process can be. Studies show your new hire’s first day impression will affect their view of the company for the duration of their career. New hires can be turned off quickly. Mix the feeling of anxiety with no process to properly onboard and it’s easy to see how being unorganized can produce undesirable results quickly. Studies also show some new hires will “gut it out” that first week or month but will leave after 60 days.
With a proper onboarding plan, either with or without software applications built to help, you can welcome your new hire and relieve some of that anxiety successfully. Here are just a few things you can do to offer a more successful onboarding experience:

• Have a nice Welcome message available to let her know you care about her success with the company as well as her onboarding progress. This message should also let her know what the onboarding plan is designed to do. This should include letting her know you are systematically bringing her onboard with the company during that in between time so she can feel more at ease and prepared on the first day.
• Allow your newly acquired talent the opportunity to view company policy manuals, orientation videos and organization charts before she shows up on day one.
• Get all the boring but important paperwork completed and out of the way. Allow her to view insurance and benefit options so she is aware of the different plans and ready to make decisions on the first day or week.
• Provide a company calendar to let your new hire know what’s coming up in the near future be that a company BBQ or Christmas party. If nothing else, she now knows she is included and part of the team or is at least becoming a part of the team.

By providing a schedule of the first day, week and month your new talent will know you are organized and ready to get her started successfully. You can have email accounts set up, phone extensions turned on and business cards printed before she even shows up. You can even provide parking and building entry instruction! How’s that for getting your new hire off to a good start? Now to up your game even more, survey your new hire on the first day, first week and first month to find out what part of your onboarding process is successful and what changes you can make to more efficiently onboard your next new hire(s).


Properly onboarding your new hires will not only improve their engagement and decrease turnover, it will also help increase production. With all the necessary provisions done before the first day your new hire can focus more on the purpose of the job and fitting in culturally. You’ll also save yourself and your colleagues a lot of time by having a plan and/or system in place. The benefits of properly onboarding new hires are limitless and the ROI should be easily calculated after just one year. Contact us today for advice on how to get started with your onboarding plan or to view a tour of Agile|Onboarding at no obligation.