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  • Work Your Way Up: Career Advancement

Are you trying to work your way up in a company? Are you planning for your next job? In order to move your way up, there are things you need to consider, even on your first day of the job. Are you ready to move up? I have a list of top 10 soft skills you need to get noticed in your company. I would say they are all equally important to everyone who wants to have a better chance to get promoted.


1) Define your ultimate career goal.

Don’t let the cubicle constrain your talent and creativity. Establish a goal for yourself; this gives you motivation to work harder. Identify the things you can do to improve your standing within the company. Once you have your goal defined, you can develop a strategic plan on how you can achieve your goal step-by-step.


2) Concentrate on doing the best you can in your current position.

You will never know when your boss or supervisor is evaluating your work performance. Be prepared and act professionally all the times to leave a good impression. Below is a list of little things that can make huge differences in your career:


  • -Dress professionally and neatly at all times.
  • -Be a problem-solver. Do not bring problems to your boss.
  • -Take responsibility, regardless of who is at fault, and find a solution.
  • -Make your presence known. Speak up when you have questions.
  • -Don’t be a clock-watcher. Have a plan everyday when you go to work.


3) Understand the purpose of your immediate position.

Your job position may seem insignificant in the company, but there is still room for you to grow. There is a purpose for every job position; get your job done efficiently and make sure people know you’re doing a great job. You need to let people know that you can handle this job before they would let you take more responsibility.


4) Be a team player.

Most of the projects are now done through teams within departments. Don’t be an attention grabber. Being a team player, you will earn your reputation and develop strong relationships with your colleagues. Be nice and respectful to your coworkers and make yourself indispensable.


5) Get a mentor.

Find a mentor that works as a manager or is in a higher position than you. They will be able to talk to you about work-related issues and offer sound professional advice. A mentor can be a great source for company information and career guidance. A mentor can also say a good word for you when you apply for a new position.


6) Build positive relationships with people at all levels of the company.

Develop professional relationships inside and outside of your company. Be present at company events and network with people from outside your department. The more people you know, the more likely your name will be discussed when an opportunity arises.


7) Contribute useful ideas. Speak up!

In order to get promoted, you need to make your presence known. A good way to do so is to speak up during meetings and brainstorms; research new ways to promote the company, or on projects, and tell your supervisor or manager. When you have questions about a task, don’t be afraid to speak up.


8) Seek out new skills.

Learn the information and skills that you need to progress to the next level in the company. Take classes and trainings that the company offers, some companies pay for their employees to go to classes or programs that will expand their skill set. There may be bonuses and other incentives for certifying in different areas. Attain certificates on certain programs, qualifications, or skills. These will boost your resume, providing you a better opportunity to get a promotion.


9) Ask for more responsibilities.

Advancement comes with improvement. Once you are capable to handle all the tasks at your current position, don’t be afraid to ask for more tasks or volunteer to help out other teams. This will increase your value within the company as you become more indispensable. This also helps you earn a reputation for being dependable and cooperative.


10) Apply to relevant job openings.

When new positions are available within the company, look for those that you are genuinely interested in and that you are qualified for.  Identify areas in your workplace where your strengths could be useful and think of ways in which you could expand your job description to encompass those areas.

If you seem to be at a dead end with your current employer, it’s time to look for better opportunities elsewhere.  Leaving the company might be tough, but the time may come to do so, only after you’ve done all you can to attain advancement.


Once you have mastered these skills, you are ready to move up the corporate ladder. At Agile HR, we offer the latest in HR software to help you manage people. We provide services such as our Applicant Tracking System to help you find the best candidate. Contact us today to see how we can help your company find and retain the best employees.