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  • Why implementing Agile Applicant Tracking System is “Mission Critical” in 2013

Save Money! Everyone promotes their product with the old slogan “Save Time & Money,” but Agile ATS saves both IMMEDIATELY.  Agile ATS social media integration allows you the opportunity to post requisitions for FREE!  Todays recruiters are recruiting from Social Media sites and Craigslist with excellent results. Why pay to post in papers, radio commercials and job boards when you can post and advertise at the same time?! Social media is here to stay. Start building content for your company and establishing your social media presence while searching for candidates with one swift action.  Top talent searches for jobs online anyway, why not post for free where the talent is already looking?

Save Time! And in more than one way.  Agile ATS is intuitive.  No long training seminars or cumbersome software to navigate.  Agile ATS is ready for use with just one short training module.  Agile ATS posts requisitions in a matter of seconds, literally.  Post to social media, job boards and your career portal with just a few simple clicks.  And Agile ATS is NOT a Project. The friendly customer support staff can have your new ATS loaded and turned on in 24 hours.  Save More Time by letting Agile ATS rate your candidates as they apply.  Easy-to-build, custom assessment questions rate the applicants for you, letting you find out which candidates know your job, applications and have the right fit to work for you.  Let the Agile ATS help you interview the best first, saving you time yet again.

Stop Turnover!  Which also saves you money and time again. Hire the best candidate first to end the cycle of turnover.   Custom assessments not only help you select the top candidates to interview but also help you select the candidate that Best Fits your organization.  Agile ATS seamlessly flows to Agile onboarding to help acclimate your newly acquired talent and set him or her up for success.*

Stay Relevant!  If you don’t have an online application for talented individuals to fill out you are losing the battle in the war for talent.  Gen X, Gen Y and Millennials search online for jobs now and fill out online applications if interested in your company.  By not having an online application to fill out you’re sending the message that your company is not forward thinking.   Most companies have an online application and are looking now if they don’t have one.  In the next 5 to 10 years every company will have an online application to fill out.  Talent will skip your company and keep looking if there’s no place to apply.  And the old email jobs@xyz.com just doesn’t cut it.  Stay in the game, put your best foot forward to attract and hire the best talent. Why settle for less?  Agile ATS is affordable and provides the best candidate experience with a short, easy-to-fill out application and process.

Increase Talent!  Hire only the best talent for your workforce.  By posting performance profiles you will attract better applicants.  Combined with your custom assessments you will then pick the best candidate for talent and fit.  You can now fill your workforce with Star performers for every position helping propel the company!  Be the hiring genius with just a little help from Agile ATS.  Everyone will wonder how you became so good at hiring top talent and retaining the talent you’ve hired.

Agile ATS is only $4,995.00 to get started and that covers everything your first year.  Absolutely NO set up or training fees.   Renewals start at $495.00 per year!  That’s less than posting one job to some of the major job boards.  What are you waiting for?!  Call the friendly customer support staff at Agile Product Solutions and schedule a demo TODAY! 316-768-4770

*Agile Onboarding application sold separately or as a combination.  Ask for details

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