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  • Using Technology to Overcome Hiring Frustrations

Enough, the limit has comeIt can be very frustrating to have an open position that you are trying to fill, only to find that you are having a hard time connecting with the right applicants for the job. Sometimes the frustration can occur because of a lack of qualified applicants… how are you supposed to hire the right person if none of the applicants are qualified for the job? Other times it is the result of too many applications, leaving you with a feeling of overwhelm as you try to sort through hundreds of resumes to find the best fit.

Twenty years ago, the only option was to muscle through the work in order to find a good candidate. Nowadays, there are better options: intuitive software programs which can do the heavy lifting for you.

Why Applicant Tracking Software Can Make a Difference

With a high tech system, you can manage all of the job posting and applications through one easy portal. Once the program is setup, it can take the stress off the hiring manager, because clear systems are in place that make the hiring process much easier.

Not enough qualified applicants? No problem, the software can help you to distribute the job opening through social media platforms and online job boards. Potential candidates spend time each day on social media websites, which means that you have a better opportunity to connect with them if the job posting is shared through platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Too many applications to sort through? No problem, because a good software can help you to sift through the information in order to narrow down the applications to a pool of candidates who are the best match for the job that is available. During the hiring process, you have the ability to run reports to view the hiring progress, and analyze statistics such as Time-to-Fill metrics, OFCCP, and EEO-1.

Software to Manage the Hiring Transition

Once you have found the right person to hire, you still have to worry about finalizing everything and getting the candidate settled into their new position. Onboarding a new employee can be a headache, but the right tracking software can help to simplify the process. The software can manage the hiring process, the onboarding process and ongoing performance management, resulting in an all-in-one solution for candidate and employee management.

During the onboarding process, your new employee will need information such as privacy statements, welcome messages, new hire surveys, and employee form completion. Managing all of this information on paper can be a filing nightmare, which is why it is so beneficial to use a software program which can manage everything for you.

Systems get results, and the right software can make a big difference in the recruiting and hiring processes for your company.