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Social media is everywhere, people are using it on their phones, tablets, and laptops every day. The joke about Twitter being the place to tell everyone what kind of muffin you had that morning is beginning to die down and the reality of using Twitter for more business-like ventures is here. Discover how connecting with specific people on Twitter can help you prepare for and maybe even land the job you are looking for.


Ellen Bremen Twitter


@chattyprof Receiving many national awards for her work in communications, Ellen Bremen is a perfect guide for those in college looking to advance their careers. Ellen has over 14 years of experience and continues to assist college students find the help they need to establish a respectable career. Check out her website




Tim Tyrell-Smith Twitter


@TimsStrategy Tim is an expert in the field of brand marketing and career opportunities. Having written several books about job searching and also having been through unemployment himself, Tim knows what it takes to get back on track.




Brazen Careerist Twitter


@BrazenCareerist Brazen Careerist is a company dedicated to helping others get ahead in their careers and develop themselves as professionals. Brazen Careerist strongly supports engagement with others in order to boost your success as an individual. You’ll definitely want to keep track of their tweets.





Steven Rothberg Twitter


@StevenRothberg President and creator of, Steven is a  professional in finding jobs for grads and college students. Steven can easily connect you with your first and favorite career opportunity before you even graduate!





Laura Smith-Proulx Twitter


@ResumeExpert Laura Smith-Proulx has won multiple awards and certifications for her executive resumé writing abilities. Laura boasts a 98% success rate and has great advice on her twitter account everyday!





Monster Careers Twitter


@MonsterCareers is the premier, global online employment solution community. Not only do they provide a great advantage for finding your next job, they also post a lot of great tips and content on their twitter feed. Be sure to check them out!





Emily Bennington Twitter


@emilybennington Emily is the author of popular novels “Effective Immediately” and “Who Says It’s a Man’s World?” and has spoken at hundreds of conventions around the world. She believes that through mindfulness one can tackle any task. She is a great motivational speaker for women and job seekers alike.





Undercover Rec Twitter


@UndercoverRec A very respectable and highly effective recruitment blog, Undercover Recruiter always stays current and ahead of the career game with interesting and innovative content. If you are looking for interesting yet useful information, UR is the twitter feed for you.





Jacob Share Twitter


@JacobShare Founder of JobMob, a site dedicated to bringing job seekers all over the world together, Jacob has a knack for providing unique and awesome tips for those looking for a new start. Jacob has also written a guide for how to use Twitter to find a new job and really knows what he is talking about!





Chris Fields Twitter


@new_resource An expert in the field of Human Resources and career placement, Chris Fields has been included in several magazines and websites including for his top-quality service and strategy. Take a look at his website for more helpful tips.





Abby Kohut Twitter


@Absolutely_Abby A top-level recruitment consultant, Abby has found success throughout her career and continues to help others find the job they love. Abby has written multiple books and understands the difference between unemployed and unemployable. Be sure to check out her feed for outstanding job advice.





Jenny Foss Twitter


@jobjenny A creative expert when it comes to resumé building and LinkedIn profiles Jenny is a excellent source for top quality recruitment. Jenny loves working with people and isn’t afraid to tell them how it is. She loves finding success for her clients and also posts so many helpful suggestions online. Don’t forget to follow Jenny now.





Margo Rose Twitter


@HRMargo CEO and founder of, Margo has an obsession with human resource training and job seeker strategy. Margo is an expert in digital and social marketing and partners with some of the top recruiters in the world. Margo can be the leading source to getting you a new job today.





Miriam Salpeter Twitter


@Keppie_Careers With over 16 years of experience, Miriam Salpeter has a personal mission to empower those seeking for success. Miriam understands today’s business climate and can prepare you with the necessary tools to transform your career. Don’t miss her next post and follow her today.





Chris Perry Twitter


@CareerRocketeer Chris Perry is an expert in personal branding and entrepreneurship. Chris has founded two successful websites, and Chris offers tons of tips and suggestions on his Twitter feed for helping you get your next job. He is a great source for developing your personal brand and getting your name out there.





Lindsey Pollak Twitter


@LindseyPollak Lindsay is a leading expert in creating jobs for Millennials. Lindsay seeks to help management problems today and create global leaders tomorrow. She consults, does media appearances, and has written books. Lindsay is the person you want to follow for expert advice in the management field.





Job Hunt Chat Twitter

@JobHuntChat Job Hunt Chat is an online community established for recruiters and job seekers to connect and develop together in order to pursue desired careers. Job Hunt Chat is a popular connection due to their simple yet effective strategy. They take direct questions from the job seeker and answer them with industry leading expert advice. Don’t be afraid to post your question today.





Heather Coleman Voss Twitter


@HeatherEColeman Heather is an author and contributor to, which is a site focused on creating leaders to become producers rather than just consumers. Heather is an excellent Career Coach in providing answers for those who need a job now. Through her service she hopes to contribute to a leadership revolution and change the way people think.





Hannah Morgan Twitter


@CareerSherpa Hannah Morgan is a great guide for lifetime career questions. She is a resource for developing your online presence, or simply helping your business get on track. Just as a climber needs a guide to reach the top of Mt. Everest, Hannah is your guide to show you the way. Her Twitter feed is full of great resources and helpful advice.





Jac Poindexter Twitter


@ValueIntoWords Jacqui Barrett-Pointdexter is President of Career Trend an expert executive resumé service. Jacqui has been writing and enhancing resumés for over 15 years and hopes to find the unique value that everyone has. Jacqui has great tips and suggestions for enhancing your social media presence and wants to connect with you today.





Steve Twitter


@LevyRecruits Steve Levy is a hands-on recruiter and talent acquisition leader in the world of recruiting. Steve is part of the top 100 most social HR people on Twitter and aims to provide you with a source for success. Steve recruits to retain and hopes to plant you in a long and prospering career choice.





Erin Kennedy Twitter


@ErinKennedyCPRW Erin Kennedy has a great track record of writing executive resumés and contributes to one of Forbes Top 100 Career Websites. Erin helps people stand out in the sea of resumés that will always exist. Erin tweets clever tips and witty inspirations that can give you the motivation to reach for the sky.





Susan P. Joyce


@JobHuntOrg President of NETability Inc., and also the Editor and Chief Technology Writer of JobHunt.Org, Susan P. Joyce is an expert in Human Resources after working for Harvard University for a short period of time. Susan is a great resource to finding jobs the smarter way. Susan has loads of advice waiting to be explored on her Twitter feed, don’t hesitate to check out her profile today.






Blogging 4 Jobs Twitter


@Blogging4Jobs is an excellent resource for Human Resource research and modern strategy. With hundreds of useful articles and helpful tips, Blogging4Jobs breaks down the requirements to gain a new career and reinvent your image. If you looking for a way to stand out at your next job take a look at the tweets from this innovative blog and your journey to becoming the best employee at your next company.





Brett Kunsch


@GenYCoach Brett Kunsch enjoys coaching young and active seekers through their career choices. Brett’s tweets are a great resource for those who need to find some personal success as quick as possible. Brett encourages those to follow their passion and find success with something you absolutely love. Brett has the skills and motivation you need for finding your next big thing.