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  • Top 4 Reasons Why Your Company Needs an Applicant Tracking System

1. Attract Top Talent. In today’s time frame, technology allows the everyday user the capability of finding and interacting with each other and businesses at any time via smart phone or tablets. Millennials, Gen Y and Super Star Talent will not waste time attempting to navigate an outdated careers page requiring printing a word document or pdf. It sends the wrong message to the Candidate that, “We are not into technology here. Sorry.” The candidate experience is what makes or breaks your chance to recruit Highly Talented Individuals. Put your company’s best foot forward with an application that can be filled out online quickly.

2. Hire Top Talent. Give yourself national exposure by posting on social media sites for free. By using the same local methods, you will only get a local sample of possible applicants that could “fill” your positions. Today’s best practices include hiring the most talented candidates available, propelling your company in the future given proper growth, training and compensation. Why limit your company to only what is available locally when you can recruit from a national level? You could recruit the best candidate from another time zone to come in with fresh ideas and a new perspective on the position. Not to say that local talent is less competent, but allow yourself the opportunity to pursue the best candidate for the position, whether that be in your region or across the country.

3. Save Time. And in more than one way. Save time by providing assessments that represent the job posted. Custom Assessments can be built within the ATS to post on the application. You know the jobs at your company; find out which candidates do, too! Let your ATS score the applicants for you to help select the most qualified candidates to interview and ultimately fill the position. You may receive numerous applications for one position and sifting through many applications can take hours. Let your ATS do the leg work for you. With the right ATS, previous requisitions are saved along with job descriptions, freeing up time while providing information to help build the right advertisement and assessments as the position opens up. Run reports such as EEO1 and cost/hire with a few clicks of the mouse.

4. Build a Talent Pool. In a perfect world any company should have a Pool of Talent on hand for that time when a job needs filled at a more brisk pace. With an ATS you can have that pool available to fill that position. By maintaining contact with candidates, you may have access to a talented individual better suited to a position that is unique to his or her skill set. Similarly, if growth is in the future and possibly in another location, you can build your talent pool ahead of the opening or takeover. No need to scramble for “help” when you can permanently “fill” the positions with accuracy. It takes long enough to do it the “old way,” do not make yourself repeat the process!

Recruiting and hiring the best talent isn’t easy but with hard work and the right applications it can be done repeatedly until your workforce is talent centric. By only hiring the best, your company and career will flourish.

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