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  • The Resume Should Never be a Barrier

While visiting with a colleague the other day the word resume came up and soon a discussion followed about the merits of the resume. How important is the resume really? I mean, we all know a person can have a dandy of a resume but then show up only to disappoint you and the hiring manager. What good did that do?!

I’m all for using a resume. I haven’t needed to in quite some time, but, I could prepare a nice looking and catchy resume if needed. I know that a resume does provide a nice run down of a person’s qualifications, achievements and previous work history, given that the resume, and the candidate, are honest. But the resume doesn’t do the actual work; it’s just a gauge of the person applying for the job.

Here’s my point… resumes are nice to view candidate’s info but aren’t accurate all the time. Resumes are just another tool to help you decide which candidates to phone screen and/or interview. Much like personality assessments or job-fit surveys, the resume is intended to be a tool or a guide if you will, not a barrier.

Don’t let the lack of a resume hold you up! You may pass on the perfect hire because he or she didn’t have a resume. Look carefully at those candidates that have applied without the resume, as you may find the best hire of a lifetime. You really don’t know how a candidate will perform on the job whether he or she has a resume or not. Again, the resume isn’t going to make him or her work any harder. What we do know is that you could find that next star ee by looking at experience and conducting a phone screen. Go from there and offer the interview if you like what you hear. The resume can be drawn up later if you really have to have one.

I would also like to point out that you may be turning perfectly good candidates away by asking for a resume. Think of all the passive candidates that look at job boards during lunch only to get discouraged when they see the word resume. So many of these passive candidates resumes are so dated that he or she just continues to scroll on down, looking for opportunities that pique their interest and don’t require a resume.


Look, the resume has been around for very long time and will continue to be so. I just think some need reminded that it’s only a tool to help you find the Best Candidate to hire. Don’t *require a resume to apply and maybe you’ll capture more applicants. And please don’t pass on all the candidates that didn’t provide a resume because you could be passing on a lot of talented individuals. The name of the game is to hire a Star Performer, not a star resume!