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  • The Negative Impact of Rehiring Past Employees

At one point or another, most companies will face the dilemma of whether they should rehire a past employee. At first, the idea of rehiring a past employee may seem like a good idea, because that person is already familiar with the company and the way things are handled in the office. But, there are some drawbacks to rehiring, so you should take a close look at whether it is a smart move for your company.

Rehiring Leads to Low Employee Morale

If employees are seeing that their coworkers are quitting and then coming back again, then it can create an atmosphere where people view the company with a revolving door for their staff. Employees won’t be as concerned about quitting, because they will have the mindset that they can always come back if they change their mind. This environment decreases employee loyalty and can have a negative impact on performance and job satisfaction.

Rehiring Costs Time and Money

Each time you are in the situation of filling an empty job opening, it costs time and money to manage the recruiting, complete the interviews, onboard the new employee, and train them for their new job. The best way to maximize your efforts is by focusing on employee satisfaction, which decreases turnover and decreases the need to backfill empty positions. Create a positive work environment for your current employees and be proactive to understand their job preferences. The focus on job satisfaction will improve employee morale and decrease the time and money that is spent if the employee left the company.

Employee Surveys can Provide Insights About Job Satisfaction

Most employees leave a company because they have found a better opportunity or they are dissatisfied with their job. But, sometimes they might start a new job and quickly find out that they made a mistake, and they were happier with their old job. When this realization occurs, then it is possible that they may return to the old company to see if they can be rehired.

As a company, you can proactively prevent this situation by using employee surveys and performance management programs to assess the job satisfaction of each employee. These tools can be an invaluable way to show you the steps that can be taken in order to be sure the employee is happy with their current situation. When job satisfaction is increased, you can avoid the sticky situation of having to decide if it is appropriate to rehire an employee… because they will maintain continuous employment (instead of leaving and then coming back again).

The best way to monitor and manage employee performance and satisfaction is with a quality tool which can manage the hiring, onboarding, and ongoing employee tracking. Here at Agile Product Solutions, our goal is to make sure that we provide the tools that you need to manage your applicants and employees. These tools can help you to take a proactive approach to decrease turnover, so that you can avoid the situation where you might need to rehire an employee after they have left the company.