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  • The Team Behind the Team | Why Onboarding an Employee is so Important

HR experts have found that an effective onboarding program is one of the best ways to improve performance and job satisfaction for new employees. People start a job with optimism, but can quickly slide into a negative mindset if they aren’t treated respectfully during the first few days of work.

A cohesive, productive team is the most important thing that you can develop to boost the future success of the company. Onboarding can be used to set the tone so that you can build a strong team that creates a competitive advantage in the industry.

Why Onboarding Matters

Do you have an onboarding program in place? Most companies will have the new employee fill out paperwork, and then they are provided an overview of benefits and other company policies. But, this basic information isn’t enough to infuse the right company culture and excitement for the projects.

A good onboarding program should help the new hire build relationships with other people in the company. This process makes it easy to transition from training to responsibility. With the right tools, the employee will be set up for success, which leads to future growth within the company.

Benefits of Onboarding

If you don’t have a good system for onboarding, then right now is the perfect opportunity to transform your system or implement a new program. Here are some of the benefits that you can expect from an effective onboarding program:

• Boosts employee engagement
• Improves retention
• Reduces the time it takes to transition the employee to a productive role
• Showcases company culture to help with job satisfaction
• Decreases recruiting costs by avoiding turnover of new hires
• Increases morale for everyone in the office

Building a Strong Team

It is important to understand that your onboarding system impacts more than the new hires. Seasoned employees will also be affected by the positive attitude and excitement that comes in when someone is hired. The right system will boost communication among team members, and set the group up for optimal success while working together.

Organizational socialization is a factor that can impact burnout and job satisfaction. So, you need to make sure that you are integrating new hires into the culture of the team, helping to create a cohesive bond that makes it easier for people to work together. Starting employee-to-employee and employee-to-manager relationships on the right foot is crucial to build confidence and help people become an active part of the team.

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