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  • Start 2013 on the Right Foot by Injecting Talent into Your Company


If your organization needs to hire new employees this year make sure you have the tools in place to attract and hire the best talent and fit for your company.  The same ole methods are only going to get you the same ole results with the same ole job seekers providing you with the same ole work ethic you’ve already experienced.  Jump out there and attract Star Talent for your company this year and make an impact in 2013.  Here are a few simple tips to help get you started (assuming you have a current, full-functioning ATS).

  1. Post  Performance  Profiles.  Candidates have all seen the same, stale job descriptions or advertisements everyone else is posting. By posting performance profiles you will accomplish two things simultaneously; deter less qualified applicants while Attracting Top Performers.  High-performing candidates look for challenging work and will be more engaged with a challenging job opportunity instead of the same boring “Proficient in Word, Excel, etc.”.  Extra tip: Try posting the salary range along with the performance profile to attract the best talent with compensation somewhat out of the way.
  2. Post to Social Media.  I hope by now your company has a Facebook page and if not, get one.  I also know most of you reading this will more than likely have a Linked In account as well.  Recruiters and HR Professionals are using the company Facebook and Twitter accounts in conjunction with personal Linked In accounts to recruit and build social media content for advertising at the same time. It’s a Win-Win situation.  If you want cutting-edge, forward thinking candidates to apply, you need to post your requisitions where such candidates are searching for jobs: social media sites.  Although I still recommend using Craigslist for free and occasionally job boards, social media sites have become the latest medium for attracting top talent.  Why spend more money to post jobs to outdated venues when you can attract the best talent and advertise your company at the same time for free?!  Sounds like a no-brainer and it’s easy to get started.
  3. Build Custom Assessments.  By posting assessments with a short, easy-to-fill-out application you can narrow down candidates who know the job, required programs, methods and would best fit your company’s culture.  Combined with the two previous steps you should now be able to interview the best of the best, helping you hire the perfect candidate to ultimately propel the company forward, lower turnover and build your reputation as a recruiting genius.

Your application process should be automated and easy-to-use.  In this day and age, hiring talent has become all about the Candidate Experience.  Hopefully your application is short and the application process is hassle-free.  With the right tools and coaching you should never settle for an average applicant to merely “fill” a position.  Instead, feel confident in hiring the best candidate from a talent centric pool to impact the company and make a difference.  I wish you the best in 2013.  Happy hiring!

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