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  • Social Media is Great But…

We hear all the time how great social media recruiting is and can be and most of those claims are true. Social media is here to stay. Forever. If you haven’t established your presence on all social media outlets then you’re behind and should start moving in that direction now. But the good news is that it’s not too late. You can start now and never look back.

What I want to point out is the fact that social media isn’t the answer to all your recruiting needs. Social media isn’t a fix-all solution to recruiting talent. So many sales professionals like to take the easy road and sell the “magic pill” or, even worse, sell from fear. The first trick is the magic pill bit. They say “Our ATS is integrated with social media so all you have to do is start posting to your company’s Facebook account and your LinkedIn profile and Poof! You’re good. Voila, you’ll soon have talent pools the size of Lake Michigan”. Sadly, that’s not true and I may have exaggerated some but you get the point. So many sales “professionals” are in it to get the sale, get the check and go down the road. That again is what upsets me the most as a sales professional.

Social media takes work and social media takes time. If your company Facebook has 124 followers, you need to roll up your sleeves and get to work. BUT…Social media isn’t rocket science. The more followers, connections and friends you have the more people that see your job posting. If anyone shares, re-tweets or likes your job posting then that person’s connections see your job too. So social media does help immediately and efficiently once you have started building your audience. I would like to add that this process never stops. You will want to continue to add connections and friends on your social media outlets as time goes on.

Social media is also free. You don’t have to pay a dime to use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Google + just to name a few. You can recruit for nothing from these sites and find talent from anywhere in the world. Your job postings also help in your company’s searchability. Posting jobs is also distributing content to organically raise your company’s SEO but that’s another discussion.

Ok, so you say to yourself “I thought Social Media isn’t the cure all!” This guy’s pumping it up like it’s magic. It’s not. Although free and available virtually anywhere in the world, social media should still be considered a supplement to your current recruiting regime. Ok, maybe more than a supplement but definitely NOT your only source for talent. Networking, college recruiting and employee referrals still need to be part of your game-plan to recruit the best talent. Employee referrals are still King if you ask me. Top talented individuals work hard and the last thing he or she will do is bring someone else on board with poor work habits like the “others” already there. If your internal recruiting plan is strong, I would rely heavily on your top producer’s referrals more than anything. I’d bank on that little nugget and again, that’s another topic.

Social media is absolutely awesome to recruit talent. This new technology that we enjoy every day has turned into a gold mine for recruiters and helped many companies drastically reduce cost/hire but it doesn’t replace good old fashioned hard work and networking. Continue using your recruiting methods that work but definitely add social media to your campaign, if you haven’t already. Just don’t let the ATS salesman tell you that their social media integration is a fix-all. And don’t expect to hire the next Rock Star from your first tweet, it’s not that easy!

If you’re interested in social media recruiting but not sure where to get started, call us here at Agile Product Solutions, we’ll be glad to help whether you’re an active client or not!