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  • So Why Does Onboarding Matter Anyway?

Onboarding your employees the right way will drastically improve performance, speeds integration and increases readiness of literally every person who lands a new position with your company. It’s the foundation for a successful relationship and long-lasting employer-employee relationship.

We’ve all been there before, you land the new job and immediately spend the first two weeks setting up your phone, e-mail, filling out forms, talking to Human Resources, asking questions of anyone who will listen and then you finally start to learn what it is you will do for this company. Two weeks is no exaggeration in this scenario.

This picture shows a lack of planning on the part of the employer and you’re exhausted before you even dig into the job you were hired to perform. Right from start current employees are frustrated with the “new guy” because obviously a lot of time has passed and this dude hasn’t done anything. The company now has a morale issue for new and current employees.

The benefits of effective onboarding programs
• A good plan engages before employment even begins.
• The company’s culture improves with smoother transitions and clear directives for new employees.
• Current employee morale improves with faster integration.
• Less frustration, clearer expectations and smoother transitions improve retention and eliminate costs associated with re-recruiting.

Improving the bottom line
• Well-organized and effective onboarding can improve performance by as much as 11% according to information published by The Recruiting Roundtable.
• Reducing turnover saves costs associated with recruiting, administrative processing, lost production in vacant positions and more.
• Research by The Corporate Leadership Council reveals that effectively onboarding new hires can increase an employee’s discretionary effort in excess of 20%.
• It’s estimated by the Human Capital Institute that 70% of new hires make the decision to stay long-term within the first six months of employment.

If your company doesn’t have an onboarding plan in place, money is flying out the door with departing employees.

Agile Product Solutions in Wichita, KS has this all wrapped up with products that help businesses recruit, hire and onboard with simple systems. Our Agile | Onboarding application automates the entire process with easy-to-use tools that give you control over creating, managing and storing all the necessary forms in a central location so that you miss nothing and new employees enter your company with the feeling of joining a winning organization even before their first day. Contact Agile Product Solutions and launch a successful onboarding program today.