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  • Shameful Resume Lies!

With the high levels of competition in the workplace, some candidates are frantically looking for ways to stand out from the crowd. They know that a recruiter could have a stack of hundreds of resumes, and a boring application will quickly get lost in a pile. Unfortunately, this situation sometimes leads people to fabricate resume details to get a job. Desperate times call for desperate measures!

In fact, reported that 34% of applicants lie on their resumes. So, there is a good chance that one out of every three resumes that you receive have false information.

Obvious Lies in a Resume

How can you tell if there are lies in the resume? Some of the lies are shameful and obvious, but other times people thread the truth with a little embellishment.

Here is a list of common lies that you might encounter:

  • Fake School or University: Some of these false websites allow people to purchase a false diploma. Or, someone might list a degree from a reputable school that they didn’t attend.
  • False Company Information: If a person left in bad standing with their last employer, then they might withhold the company name or contact details. One strategy is to provide false information about the company, to sideline any reference checks.
  • Inflated Job Title: Does it seem too good to be true that a young high school dropout was CFO at their last company? Instead of relying on the merits of a job title, ask questions to get more information about job duties and experience.

A little bit of research can go a long way to help you uncover the truth! For example, if you are researching the applicant’s degree, then an online search for the school name could uncover details about the authenticity of the diploma.

Uncovering the Truth During the Interview

In most situations, people don’t blatantly lie on their resume. Instead, they misrepresent information or stretch the truth to improve their qualifications for a job.

If you suspect that a candidate might be lying on their resume, then the best things that you can do is ask clarification questions during the interview. Their answers will shed more light on their real experience and work history.

Not only will their words help you see if they really understand the industry, but body language can be an indicator as well. For example, the person might start to fidget or act uncomfortable when you are asking about points that aren’t true.

Streamline Your Application Process

Having a list of qualified applicants gives you the opportunity to pass by the people who aren’t honest on their resumes. The best thing that you can do is ensure that you have a streamlined application process, allowing you to sort through the options and find the right person to hire.
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