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  • Rethinking Performance Reviews Part 2: How to Develop Strengths

In our previous blog post, we discussed strategies to change performance review systems by maintaining ongoing communication with employees. It is essential that managers can initiate difficult conversations, helping to shed light on potential problems or gaps in the employee’s performance.

As you maintain these conversations, it is natural to find areas where the employee needs to strengthen their skill set. So, the next step to an effective performance management system is to focus on strengths-based employee development.

Employee engagement is dropping, leaving managers stuck if they are only focusing on standard annual reviews. Instead of waiting for a formal meeting between employee and manager, the business environment needs to shift to support the growth of both employees and managers.

Results of Strengths-Based Development

Recently, Gallup released research findings that highlighted the results of strengths-based management strategies. The results covered data from 45 countries, seven industries, and 1.2 million employees in 49,495 business units. The findings showed that developing employees with strengths-based strategies resulted in positive changes in six outcomes: employee engagement, turnover, customer engagement, profits, sales, and safety.

The companies that supported employees in growing their strengths experienced higher levels of success. This shift in performance management shows that traditional annual reviews just might not be cutting it.

What is Strengths-Based Development?

Typically, performance reviews focus on a few things that are going well, as well as areas of improvement that need to be addressed. An annual review might be completed at the end of the year, looking back over the results that were achieved over the previous 12 months.

Often, it is natural for these conversations to turn to the areas where the employee is coming up short. Then, new annual goals are set to help the employee overcome these gaps.

But, strengths-based development takes a different approach. Instead of looking for the areas that need improvement, management is focusing on the strengths of the employee to look for development opportunities. Employees should be developed based on what is going right with them. As a result, the employee grows as the company supports and taps into the unique traits and skillset that the person brings to the table.

It is a win-win solution. Employees thrive in the workplace because they are satisfied and happy with their development. At the same time, important business goals and performance levels can be improved when employees are engaged in the bigger goals.

If you want to implement a strengths-based development, the first step is to create a program that supports these conversations. Our dynamic software can be catered to match your needs, making it easier than ever to stay consistent with these initiatives. Talk to us at Agile HR to learn more about the ways that you can use our software to create an effective development program for your team.