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  • Rethinking Performance Reviews Part 1: How to Have Hard Conversations

Businesses across the nation are breaking the rules when it comes to performance reviews, with some executives throwing the traditional review systems out the window. In the HR industry, it has been common for companies to use the standard method of quarterly and/or annual written reviews, but professionals are now seeing that these methods might not be effective enough.

New Approach: Having Hard Conversations

One of the reasons why performance reviews are losing their effectiveness is because people don’t know how to have the hard conversations. When it is time to discuss the concerns, the focus is on past behavior… which means that the feedback is offered at the expense of current performance.

The labor market is picking up, and concerns about retention are increasing. Companies can see that quality feedback and employee development is critical for long-term results. But, it can be a challenge to cover the gap to create an environment where hard conversations can be held.

In fact, these ongoing conversations provide the foundation that is needed so that employees can develop the necessary skills to grow. Employees are more malleable than you might think, and the leadership needs to come from management. Building an environment that fuels real conversations will boost personal growth, which in turn increases job satisfaction and maximizes retention.

Questions to Initiate the Difficult Conversations

Asking the right questions can break down barriers to have authentic discussions about the current situation and future possibilities. Here are a few questions that you might use:

• What is our current situation?
• Where are we trying to go?
• How can we implement a plan to get there?

These questions change the focus from employee-centric metrics to a teamwork environment that supports personal responsibility for results.

Supporting the Development of Employees

These conversations provide the foundation to support true development in a workforce. Instead of holding employees accountable with annual appraisals, the ongoing conversation is focused on a growth process that highlights potential and strengths in each person. Then, the conversations lead to the skill development to ensure that the employee is thriving in the workplace.

The next step is to help each person develop the strengths that will move them forward in their career. Stay tuned for our next blog post for an overview of how you can assist your team with strength development.

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