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  • How to Retain Top Talent Without Breaking the Bank


It is easy for employers to get stuck in the idea that the best way to retain good employees is by increasing their pay. While salary levels are important, many studies have found that real and true job satisfaction isn’t necessarily found in the size of a paycheck.

Money isn’t the only motivator! Here are some of the other factors that influence employee satisfaction and help you maintain low turnover:

  • • Flexible Work Hours: Instead of being stuck in the same desk for the same hours, employees like the empowerment of managing their work hours. These flexible arrangements might allow a person to take personal time away from the office if they worked overtime during an earlier period. Or, people might choose to have condensed work weeks or staggered hours to accommodate personal schedules at home.
  • • Results are More Important Than Logged Time: Gone are the days when people show up at work, punch the clock, and leave. As more employers are moving to offer flexible hours, it is necessary to change the focus from logged time to the results that are generated. Choose to focus on the results that happen, rather than getting caught up in minute details regarding the time the employee showed up to work.
  • • Recognition for a Job Well Done: If an employee completes a project successfully, then they deserve to be recognized for the accomplishments. Look for opportunities to recognize your staff, helping them to take action to earn more recognition in the future. When an employee feels like they are appreciated, then they will have the sense of doing great things while being part of a team effort.
  • • Responsibility for Work Tasks: It is easy for managers to overlook the skills and assets that an employee brings to the table. Instead of micromanaging every minute of the day, look for ways to place the responsibility back on the employee and encourage them to be innovative in their approach.
  • • Be Approachable: There is no doubt that good communication is a foundation to ensure a long-term relationship with each employee. Make sure that you are approachable by inviting people to talk to you about their needs and concerns, then actively listening to their concerns. That way, if there is ever a sense that something is “off,” you will be able to have a conversation with your employees to help them find a solution.

With a little bit of work and a lot of consistent effort, it is possible to transform company culture and create an environment where employees never want to leave. Here at AgileHR, we have the tools and the know-how to grow and support a positive culture where employees thrive. We invite you to contact us to learn more about the ways your company can benefit from our software.