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  • Recruiting Methods to Harness the Power of Social Media

Our modern, digital world demands that businesses stay up-to-date with online trends, and these digital advances are especially important for recruiting. Candidates turn to the internet when they are searching for job opportunities, making online platforms a prime location to connect with the people who are a good fit for your company.

There’s no doubt that social media plays a foundational role in recruiting and hiring. Here are a few things that you can do to leverage social media efforts and improve your hiring techniques:

Choose Your Platform

Consider the types of social media platforms that you are using for recruitment. Where are your target candidates spending their time online? For example, if you are looking to hire high-level financial executives, it’s not likely that a Pinterest marketing campaign will be successful.

A large percentage of recruiters agree that LinkedIn is the dominant recruiting network online, and many people also utilize Facebook during the recruiting process. These platforms can be used to connect with potential candidates, and also screen a short-list of candidates that you are planning to hire.

Consistency in Branding

When it comes to social media, most companies are only looking for information about potential candidates. But, you can’t forget that candidates will also look at your social media pages to learn more about the company. These platforms allow you to set the branding and company culture that you are fostering for your business.

Make sure that the branding messages are consistent across all platforms, and that you are showing your value proposition to all candidates who see your page.

Build a Relationship with Potential Candidates

By using social media platforms, you can facilitate both short-term and long-term relationships with potential candidates and current employees. Keep your company forefront in their mind with ongoing communication and interesting updates

Make sure to humanize your brand, in order to avoid the stuffy “corporate” language all the time. Employees and candidates want to connect with people… not computers!

Automate Social Media Systems

Social media can turn into a time-waster if it isn’t used correctly, so it’s important that you train your recruiting team on effective strategies to leverage online recruiting without wasting away the day. One of the best ways to improve productivity is by utilizing automation to post your message across a variety of platforms.

Check out our HR and recruiting tools that can be used to systematize your hiring process. These tools allow you to post to multiple platforms from one simple location, and you can also update multiple job postings from a single portal. Contact us for more information!