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  • Reasons Why You Need an Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS 101)

Applicant tracking systems (ATS) continue to evolve into a tool every business can use to find the best candidates, increase job market intelligence, save time, communicate and bring employees onboard in the most effective way. Agile|ATS can bring these benefits fast.

1.       ATS Intelligence

Maybe “applicant tracking system” doesn’t do it justice. The concept of ATS really involves a comprehensive “integration platform” that not only tracks potential incoming candidates, but also connects your business to sourcing tools, assessment services, background checking, job boards and more.

Now your company proactively hunts for candidates, which ensures that you find great employees. Even more important, your current HR function has a centralized tool and repository of talent they can access anytime.

2.       Skip the sorting

If the resume pile is about to make you lose your sanity, a great ATS service will help you cut to the applicants that fit fast. Agile|ATS will give you the ability to manage all active candidate pools from a single screen.

3.       Save time (far more valuable than money)
Staff time costs money. It’s as simple as that. Your staff already needs every minute of this scarce commodity, and if you’re using all of their time for reading and sorting resumes your business is not getting to the good stuff like pushing your objectives forward. A solid ATS system also helps you avoid expenses associated with advertising fees, agency searches, employee referrals, internal recruiter costs and other little things that put a big hole in your profit bucket.

4.       Agile|ATS improves with time
As you collect information on the best candidates, your repository of candidate information will grow exponentially. When it’s time to fill a position, your company will be ready to move quickly with several preliminary steps completed.

Agile|ATS can improve every aspect of applicant tracking, onboarding, performance review, and with our custom development service, the possibilities are endless. We are close to completing our full line. Schedule a demo, follow us on LinkedIn or visit us at to stay on top of the great products we continue to create.

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