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  • How to Put Together an Effective Performance Appraisal Process

Performance appraisals are often a dreaded topic within a business, but there are things that you can do to change the system and transform the company culture. If you want to develop a successful team of employees, then you need to ensure that you are offering quality feedback to each individual. The only way to help people grow in their skills and expertise is to have a structured and effective performance appraisal process. Here are a few tips for implementation:

1. Establish Clear, Measurable Goals

It is important to understand what the objectives are, so that the goals and milestones can be in alignment for each employee. The employee management system will track the progress, but it is up to you to make sure the goals are clear. Set goals that can be measured, in order to show the progress that is made throughout the year.

When the goals are measurable, it sets the employee up for success because they will be able to see how far they have come over the course of the year. Additionally, it allows managers to stay objective about employee feedback, since the appraisals are based on concrete guidelines and goals instead of only personal opinion.

2. Plan Consistent Meetings

It is important that the employee is involved in setting the goals and tracking the ongoing progress. The best way to create this team environment is through ongoing meetings to support them in the things that are needed to keep them moving in the right direction.

Once-a-year performance meetings will set the employee up for failure, because mid-year meetings are essential to discuss the projects and make adjustments to ensure the goals can be met. Consider both informal meetings along the way as well as formal quarterly and mid-year evaluations.

3. Implement a System—and Use It!

One of the most implement steps is to implement a system that is designed specifically for this appraisal process. There is no reason to re-invent the wheel when you can start using a program that has already been designed with employee management in mind.

The easiest and most effective way is to choose an employee tracking software that can be implemented by management to handle appraisals and goal setting. By creating uniformity among the system, you can rest assured that all employees are receiving the high quality feedback they deserve.

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