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  • PTO Trends: Do Sick Days Matter?

For many years, it has been normal for business owners to offer employees one or two weeks of Paid Time Off as a standard practice. But, the nuances of a PTO program can vary widely from one company to the next. Some employers offer paid vacation leave in addition to paid sick leave, while other companies group all days off in the same category.

Now, the tables are turning, and forward-thinking businesses are looking for ways to attract the best talent. As a result, employees often have more flexibility regarding their paid time off.

Benefits of Grouping PTO Days

Instead of complicating the system with different types of paid leave, you might consider the benefits of combining vacation and sick time into a single category. This strategy helps employees to feel like they have more control over their time off, giving them the option to take a mental health day without faking the flu.

Employees love the flexibility to decide if they want to take time off for a personal day, taking care of their children, or if they just need a day to decompress after a big project.

Why You Should Encourage Employees to Take Sick Days

One drawback to combining everything is that employees might feel an obligation to come to work when they are sick so that they can save PTO for vacation time. Coming to the office while sick can have a domino effect that negatively impacts performance. Also, the germs can spread to other employees, causing multiple people to miss work due to illness.

As a result, some businesses are considering options to provide a set number of paid vacation days, and an as-needed number of sick days. This strategy allows people to stay home if they aren’t feeling well, without being worried about cutting into the time off that is needed for an upcoming vacation or family reunion.

Sick Days Matter for Job Performance

Even though it isn’t ideal to have an employee miss work because they are sick, the truth is that sick days matter. Staying home will help the employee to recover faster so that they can return to work in full health again.

Put together a policy that will work for your company, and be clear about the options that are available for employees. This policy reduces the risk of employees who take advantage of the system, and at the same time, it encourages people to recover when they are sick.

A good tracking system is essential to ensure that sick days and vacation time are administered according to policy. Talk to our team at AgileHR to learn more about the ways we can help!