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Well, hello there! Thanks for stopping by. Let us tell you more about what we do. AgileHR consists of a team of experienced professionals who are dedicated to making HR an effective part of your business or organization. We have created a cutting-edge, cloud based software that will essentially handle all of your HR. Paperwork will be neatly organized and stored safely, performance reviews will be accurate and completely reflective of the employee’s work, and everything will be audit ready at a moment’s notice. Our success is only determined by yours. Do not settle for a system that does not meet your needs nor makes your job easier. That’s what AgileHR is for.

Applicant Tracking System

Replacing an employee is expensive. And time-consuming. And nerve wracking. We get it. When you are screening or interviewing applicants, you are you trying to fill a need as accurately and efficiently as possible. Agile’s ATS tools are designed to enhance and streamline your current process. It’s yours only better. Learn More


Do you know how long it takes to onboard an employee? Well it’s a lot and it’s a lot of mundane. Simplify your new employee orientation and training with AgileHR’s Employee Onboarding software. Automate all new hire paperwork, create onboarding templates, standardize new hire processes, and establish a consistent experience for all incoming personnel. Happy new hires. More time for you. Everyone wins! Learn More

Performance Management

You’ve hired great people! Now you’ve got to keep them and the best way to do that by investing in employee training and development. Define job functions, create individual goals, and track organizational performance at all levels. The employee performance management system includes multi-appraiser 360 degree evaluation tools for a complete look at employee performance. Talent management that does what its suppose to do–improve your employees and organization! Learn More


Wow. You have quite a bit of data– probably more than you know. You need an HR system that can organize, store, alert, and report on all that powerful, important information. Collect employee data, track benefits, and provide an employee self-service module. The best part? It’s completely, seamlessly, and 100% integrated with your Applicant Tracking, Onboarding, and Performance Management systems. Sweet! Learn More

Agile | HR - We're pleased to meet you!