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Grow Your People, Grow Your Business.

Employee review system from Agile HR.

Grow Your People, Grow your business.

Your employees work hard, but do they work smart? Helping your employees understand the full purpose and details of your goals can be tricky. However, a great employee review system does just that. With employee and performance review software from Agile, you can clearly outline important details like basic job functions, set objectives and conduct meaningful feedback sessions. Talent management done right is vitally important to the engagement, success and satisfaction of your workforce. Pretty cool, right?

Compensation and Performance Management – it’s a Beautiful Thing.

Organizing the piles of data traditional performance management software creates is no easy task. With Agile Performance Management software, all your employee review processes are simplified and automated, saving everyone in your organization time. Our employee review system allows you to report on HR analytics quickly, track where managers and employees are in the appraisal process and send out reminders. There’s little training needed, so you can have your managers and employees complete their online reviews with just a few clicks of a button. Oh! And did we mention that it’s fully integrated with ATS, Onboarding and HRIS?

Connecting Ideas. Creating Buy-In at Every Level.

If you ask any random employee to list one of your organization’s annual goals, you might get a blank stare. Instead, focus your employee’s efforts on what matters by driving the results your executives want to see. Help employees see the real results of their efforts by creating Company Objectives and tying them to individual SMART goals. Attach core values to your appraisals, cascade goals down through your staff and report on company processes. All these awesome tools help communicate what the organization is working towards and we promise – results follow!

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