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How often does it happen that a manager sits down with an employee regarding a performance evaluation, but the conversation doesn’t change the behavior of the employee? Performance reviews and systems are designed to support the employee in growth and career development. But, too often these practices are implemented without the real intent behind the system.

Are you planning to have a performance conversation with an employee? Here are a few tips that will help with the outcome of the conversation:

Talk about your Concern and Care

Don’t let the conversation be minimalized because you don’t stress the importance of the performance. It might be tempting to get side-tracked by talking about the latest sports event. But, then the employee won’t receive the information that they need to hear.

Show compassion; then be direct about the topic at hand. This meeting needs to be a two-way conversation so that you can share your concerns and listen to the questions and concerns that come from the employee as well.

Focus on Behaviors, Not Opinions

When you are addressing performance, it is best to discuss the behavioral factors that are impacting performance. It is easy to let an opinion or story run the conversation. But, the employee will have a hard time with the information that needs to be taken away from the meeting.

For example, you shouldn’t address the concern about the employee being “lazy.” Instead, discuss the activities that need to be completed during the shift. Track the time that is spent on the productive tasks, and create a measurable goal that can be met.

Be clear about the behaviors that are expected. In some cases, the employee might not understand the things that need to be done. So, it could be as simple as training the person on the right way to complete the task.

Ask the Employee for Suggestions

Now that the problem has been addressed, the next step is to get feedback about a way the problem can be fixed. Ask the employee for suggestions to help with the situation. These suggestions make the employee feel more responsible for the results, giving them more motivation to make a change that will impact their future.

Creating this buy-in from the employee opens the door for future conversations about the topic. Plus, it empowers people to make a change in their behavior. This strategy is a great way to make sure that employees are working together for the common good.

If you need to change your system for performance conversations, then our team is here to help! At AgileHR, we offer the best software solutions that support these efforts. Talk to us to learn more about the ways that we can help your company.