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  • Perfect Perks to Motivate Your Employees and Strengthen Company Culture

Managers and business owners are often searching for the most effective tools for employee motivation, and some people mistakenly think that it costs a lot of money to keep their employees motivated. Employees who are receiving a fair salary can often be highly motivated by offering seemingly simple perks.

Low Cost Employee Perks

Here are a few simple workplace perks to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Free Hot Beverages: A coffee machine can go a long way in the office, and it doesn’t take a lot of money to provide drinks for your employees. Offering coffee and tea keeps employees on premises during their breaks, which can increase daily productivity.
  • Casual Dress Day: If the office typically has a business casual dress code, try relaxing the dress code on one day of the week.
  • Flexible Paid Time Off: Allow your employees to determine how they want to use their time off by including vacation, personal time, and sick days all together. This method allows employees to take a personal day without feeling the need to fake an illness.
  • Flex Hours: Another option is to let employees adjust their work schedule as needed. A flexible work schedule makes it easier for parents to juggle the responsibilities of work and home, and it is a big perk that doesn’t cost the company a dime. For example, employees might choose to work an hour longer on Thursday so that they can leave an hour earlier on Friday.
  • Telecommuting: Can the employee’s work responsibilities be handled from any location? Allow them to telecommute occasionally, to give them a change in environment during the day.
  • Office Parties: Lighten the mood by planning an office party, and it can be as simple as ordering in lunch for the group. Plan these parties in advance, and also have spontaneous days when food is ordered in.
  • Play Together: One of the best ways to build a cohesive team is by allowing employees to have fun together. Plan a trip to the bowling alley, bring in a video game system to the office, or organize a company softball team. Look for activities that everyone can be involved in, and make it easy for employees to participate if they choose.
  • Celebrate the Successes: Public recognition for workplace successes can go a long way, especially because employees like to hear positive feedback about their work. When an accomplishment is reached, let the whole company share in the celebration. Look for small ways to recognize the employee, such as a hand-written note from the manager, flowers for their desk, or a cake for the office.

As you can see, there are many simple things that can be done to offer employee perks and boost company culture. It is also important that you implement an effective feedback system, which is beneficial to improve job satisfaction. Contact us at AgileHR to learn more about the HR software solutions that can be used to improve the systems within your company.