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  • Peer Reviews: Are You Doing It Right?

Building a strong, team-oriented workplace is essential if your business is going to thrive. So, you should be looking to implement systems where employees and managers can work together for the higher good of the company.

Managers can oversee the daily activities to identify the slackers and the productive employees. But, the real information needs to come from the trenches: coworkers see the interactions and activities that are completed each day. If you want a real assessment that will build a better team environment, then you need to use peer reviews.

Advantages of Peer Reviews

Many advantages will be enjoyed when you implement a peer review system. When done correctly, the program can help people assess their performance and the progress of the team. Peer reviews offer a way to “peek under the hood” to see what is going on behind the scenes… when the boss isn’t looking.

Not only will you get candid feedback from the team, but the exercise can shine a light on the areas that need improvement. Employees like to share information about the good things and bad things, making it easier to see what is working and what needs to be fixed.

The military has found that peer reviews can build comradery. So, many businesses are learning from the proven system to implement the same techniques in the workplace. The trick is knowing how to do it right.

Improve the Effectiveness of Peer Reviews

Whether you are implementing peer reviews for the first time or you want to improve your current system, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Set a Tone for Good Intent: Instead of setting it up as a fishing tactic to drudge up the negative habits of the team, create a safe environment that showcases the good intentions of management. Encourage people to share both positive and negative feedback, with the goal of improving the results of the team.
  • Follow a System: Constructive criticism isn’t helpful if it is sporadic or there is no follow-up to the information. Put together a system that offers peer reviews on a regular basis, so that it isn’t a surprise when it’s time to gather information.
  • Look for Growth Opportunities: It can be hard for team members to hear negative feedback. But, this information is an opportunity to help the person grow. Show the benefits that are available and offer the training that is needed to help each person advance their career.

Regardless of the type of system that you are using for peer reviews, it is essential to be sure that you have a good tracking program to gather the information. At AgileHR, we can help you with a proven computer system designed for onboarding and employee management. Talk to us today to learn more.