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  • Passion Over Pay: Is it All About the Money?

Ask yourself an important question: what is the best way to motivate your employees to improve productivity? Many employers assume that their team is driven by the size of their paychecks. But, research studies have found that passion is a bigger influence than money. If a person doesn’t enjoy their work, then they won’t put in the extra effort to excel in their career.

Money Demotivates Employees

In fact, published information that shows that money not only demotivates employees, but it is almost always a guarantee that they will fail! Yes, money can be a motivator, but it usually isn’t the biggest motivator in the workplace.

Keep in mind that you need to be sure that you are paying a fair and reasonable amount for the position. When people see that they are receiving fair compensation in the industry, then they don’t feel the need to look around for other options. Then, you need to look at the deeper sources of job satisfaction to support your employees.

Strongest Drivers in the Workplace

If money isn’t the answer to boost productivity in the workplace, where should you focus your efforts? Instead of throwing money at the problem, a better solution is to find ways to help each employee foster creativity and responsibility in their projects. When people are challenged and engaged in their tasks, then they feel the drive to explore, learn, and improve their skills.

  • Connection: People want to feel connected in the workplace. When there is a sense of community, then they will feel part of the team. As a result, they are willing to put a little more on the line to make sure that they are doing their part to contribute to the overall efforts.
  • Culture: Your focus needs to be on company culture so that you can find ways to build a cohesive environment where everyone feels included. Look for ways that you can connect, encourage, and motivate employees through recognition and conversation. Also, managers and business owners need to be willing to jump in and participate in the hard work, helping employees see that everyone is invested in the results.
  • Autonomy: Employees need to feel a sense of autonomy as well. Self-direction fosters creativity and responsibility, increasing the likelihood that the person will feel the desire to master the skill and improve their performance. These factors lead to a sense of purpose in the workplace, which ultimately results in optimal productivity.

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