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  • What are the Most Outrageous Answers to Your Interview Questions?

Interviewing is a tedious and necessary part of the hiring process, giving you the opportunity to evaluate potential candidates and choose the best match for the job opening. Recruiters design these questions to learn more about the applicants and identify if the person is a good fit for the company.

Even if you are careful about crafting a list of good interview questions, there are still random answers that might catch you off guard during the interview. These outrageous answers can be funny or shocking… you never know what to expect in the interview room!

Here are a few interesting candidate answers that we’ve heard from recruiters:

  • Confession of Illegal Activity: “I was fired, but it was only a misdemeanor charge, not a felony!”
  • Theft: “I stole a few things from my last job, and now I need money to replace the equipment.”
  • Relationship Sob Story: “I need a job because my boyfriend moved out, so I have to pay the rent now.”
  • Parent References: “Call my mom, she will tell you how I always finish everything on my chore list.”
  • Drug Test: “If I am offered the job, how long will it be before I need to take a drug test?”
  • Money Problems: “How much do you get paid? I want to know the earning potential after I am promoted.”
  • Timing: “Are we almost done with the interview? I have somewhere that I need to be in ten minutes.”
  • Phone Calls: “(Cell phone rings) Can we pause the interview for a minute? I need to take this phone call.”
  • Transportation: “I don’t have a car. Can you pick me up on your way to the office?”
  • Background Check: “Will you be doing a background check? Does it show all criminal charges or just the big ones?”
  • Inter-Office Relationships: “I had to quit my last job because I was having an affair with my boss.”
  • Benefits: “I’m only applying for this job because I need the health insurance benefits.”

What are your funniest interview stories? We would love to hear them! Our team at AgileHR knows that the interview process can be both boring and entertaining at times, and we love to hear how things are going for your company.

If you have questions about streamlining your interview questions, then feel free to reach out to us. We know the best ways to improve the recruiting and onboarding process. Call us anytime!