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  • Onboarding is a Solution to Measure Employee Value in a Company

When you are hiring a new employee, the goal is to help the employee become trained and integrated as quickly as possible. The sooner they are comfortable with their new position, the faster they will be able to add value to the company. In all business, it is important for the employee-employer relationship to add value to both parties, and there are several tools that can be used to assist the value creation process.

What is Value Creation?

It can be easy to get “stuck in a rut” where the owner or manager only views the profit that the employee is bringing to the company. But, there is a distinct difference between profit and value creation. When an employee is involved in activities that help to increase the worth of services or goods that the company offers, then they are helping with value creation.
This measurement is more difficult to track, but with quality software programs, such as the options we offer here at Agile Product Solutions, you can systematize the process of setting goals and tracking the progress of your new employee.

Why Onboarding Matters for Value Creation

From the moment the new employee walks in the door for their interview, the attitudes and impressions will be shaped by the processes of the company. If you want the employee to offer a higher value creation, then you need to help them see that they will be receiving value by working with the company. The goal is to create an environment where the employee can feel of the benefits and value that they are gaining through their employment, and at the same time the management in the company can see the value of retaining that employee.
Value creation can’t be tracked without a system, which is why the onboarding process is so critical for this process. By using a computer system, you can help to set the expectations for the new employee, and those expectations and goals can be tracked as they continue their employment with the company.

This tracking system is beneficial because it offers a way to look back over the progress that the employee has made, and you can also see the way the employee has been a beneficial asset to the company.

When onboarding is handled correctly, it can help to manage employee satisfaction, because everyone is on the same page with the expectations for their job. Their individual and team goals can be matched with the overall strategic goals of the company, to make sure that the daily activities and actions are structured to benefit both the employee and the company.
Also, it is an effective way to mentor and train new employees, which means that they will be able to add value to the company more quickly. New employees can sometimes slip through the cracks if a proper training program isn’t in place, which is why you should consider using an onboarding software to get them started down the right path with the company.

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