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At AgileHR, we offer a simple solution to employee onboarding. Our software helps organizations recruit, bring on and manage top talent without any stress or hassle. We pride ourselves on providing intuitive products, serious business logic, excellent auditing capabilities and top-quality customer service.

Why Choose Our Employee Onboarding Software

Easy Communication

Communication is for your personal relationships as well as in the workplace. Failing to communicate what is required of your employees effectively creates unnecessary problems . Communication is a two-way street and superiors should be willing to listen to their employees and work together to find a solution. We’ve kept this concept in mind as we developed our Onboarding software. The Employee Portal will allow employees to complete paperwork, view faculty and organization charts, watch videos, and more. You can easily share company messages, calendars, and privacy statements; your employees will consistently be in-the-know. These features engage your employees and create a better learning experience while making it easy to communicate what is expected of them.

Paperless Onboarding

The beauty of AgileHR’s employee onboarding software is that you will not only be more organized than ever before, but everything will be stored digitally, eliminating the stacks of paperwork that normally accompany the new-hire process. You can draft, send and distribute reports, employee surveys, training, videos, employee forms  Once you’re happy with these documents, you can then upload and organize them for easy access. Your communication with your employees will be instant, clear, and concise.

Simple Technology

You started your business for a reason. Managing your employees’ training and progress is essential to helping your business succeed, but that is not why you show up to work every day. The training process should be effortless and efficient. Our employee onboarding software is easy to use, even for a brand new user. Employees and supervisors can navigate their way through the software with ease. Adjust your training, messages, forms, videos, etc. in a way that makes sense for your business and the progress of your employees.

No one wants to spend all of their time and effort to train an employee only to see them leave in a year. We created our new employee onboarding process to simplify the training process so that your employees will not only be more productive, but more satisfied with their experience at the company, increasing retention, performance, and growth.

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