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  • Onboard Your New Hires for Retention

Agile Product Solutions’ Onboarding application is simple to install and easy to use for all parties involved.  Onboard your newly acquired talent to prepare him or her for success and retention.  All new hires will decide if they made the right choice during those first few days on the new job.  Make a difference, allow them to acclimate themselves to your company, current events, upper management and policy manuals before showing up on day one.

At the same time, assign tasks to company personnel to provide an office space and working phone line, parking pass, business cards ordered and networks/emails turned on and ready.  Have that critical office buddy ready and willing to show the “new guy or gal” the ropes and make them feel welcome.

With Agile|Onboarding you simply build and assign different onboarding plans to all your new hires and monitor progress from both new hire and inter-company personnel to guarantee a smooth start on day, week and month one.  You can login and view progress of your new hire as he or she is signing critical documents, reviewing insurance benefits and options to be informed and prepared before the first day.  New hires can also view organizational charts, company calendars and safety/training videos.

Login and view progress from coworkers as to which tasks have been completed for the arrival of your new hire.  Make sure provisions have been met and accounts turned on.  Finally, finish the onboard process by surveying your new hire on day one, week one and after the first 30 days of employment to find areas of improvement and gauge your new employee’s thoughts about his or her new position with the company.

Agile Product Solutions cloud based applications are always affordable and easy to implement and start using.  Client satisfaction is our number one priority here at Agile Product Solutions and it shows by our current clients’ level of loyalty and trust in our products.  All Agile Products are cloud based giving us the opportunity to serve quality products at affordable prices.  Cloud based products also give us some flexibility in customization and allow unlimited data storage.