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  • How Office Organization Impacts Employee Productivity

Every business owner should be focused on boosting employee productivity, because productive employees can improve the success of the business. The problem is that many business owners are getting it all wrong with their attempts to improve productivity. So, it is important to consider your systems and programs to assess how they are actually impacting employee engagement.

Take it back to the basics, and consider the way your office is organized to understand more about how employee productivity is being impacted:

Supplies and Resources

When your employees need materials and supplies to do their job, is it easy for them to access the things that they need? For example, if an employee needs to print out a report for a staff meeting but they are unable to find printer paper, then they might waste half an hour of their day tracking down the paper that they need. Make sure the supplies are easily accessible and always stocked, to keep your employees in the working zone instead of wasting time trying to track things down.

Clear Clutter

Clutter in the workspace and storage areas can decrease employee productivity, because people are constantly sorting through stuff trying to find what they need. Choose the right office furniture to keep things organized and have a system in place so that every item has a specific place where it needs to be put away.

Communication and Information

Strong communication should be the backbone of any business, and organizing the platforms of communication can make it easier for employees to quickly find the information that is needed. Be careful to avoid overloading their inbox with unneeded messages, and make sure that communication is clear and succinct. Employees often waste a portion of their day sifting through unneeded emails and communication, which has a negative impact on their productivity.

Office Setup

The organization of the office can also impact employee productivity. If an employee needs peace and quiet to work but they are in a busy cubicle area, then it is likely that their daily production isn’t as good as it could be. Or, if an employee needs to share their computer screen with a co-worker frequently, then it can be a time-waster if they have to walk to the other end of the office throughout the day. Consider the daily tasks of each employee, and make sure that the office is setup to positively impact those tasks.

If you are looking for ways to improve organization in your office, then you need to make sure that you have a good computer system in place. Contact us at AgileHR to learn more about the employee management software solutions that we offer.