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  • How to Make Work Matter & Not Hate Your Job

Chances are, you are probably feeling unsatisfied in your job or are just getting tired of it. Currently, job satisfaction in the country is at about 47 percent, which is almost the lowest that it’s ever been. During these times, you are considered lucky if you have a job, and you don’t always have the option of finding a new one. Although there are some people out there who actually get paid for doing something they love, not all of us are that fortunate and must make do with whatever job we can get whether we enjoy it or not. So how can you increase happiness and satisfaction in your job? These tips can help:


1. Get In the Zoneman working on computer

When you’re at work, don’t just sit there counting down the seconds until you get to go home. Get lost in your work. Become so involved in it
that nothing else matters at the time. Before you know it, an hour will have passed since you last looked at the clock! Make sure you are completing tasks that challenge you, but are not too hard. If you are not being challenged at all, then you will quickly become bored. If this is the case, ask your boss for more challenging tasks. In addition, try to increase your skills and learn new things as often as possible. This will make work more interesting and you might even find something new that you enjoy and are good at.



2. Be Vulnerable

Don’t worry about being criticized or put down at work. Don’t be afraid to voice your ideas – it’s likely that you will get a positive response. Take risks, express yourself, and be honest and open with your coworkers. This will play a large part in increasing your job satisfaction.


3. Stay Put

No matter what you’ve heard, moving up in a company isn’t always more satisfying. The higher up you move, the more tasks and responsibilities you will have. If you started off doing something you like, but now find yourself in a higher position doing tasks that do not appeal to you, consider going back to your old position. Stay put in a position where your talents and passion can flourish.


4. Organize an Activity

If your company doesn’t have many activities, then take it upon yourself to organize one. It’s likely that if you are feeling bored or unsatisfied that your coworkers are too. Organize a party, a game, or theme days to create more fun and excitement in the workplace. It can be either during work – if your boss approves it – or after work. This will allow all of you to relax and get to know each other in a more casual environment. As a result, you will get to know your boss better as well as make some friends – giving you extra incentive to come to work.



two men working on computers5. Take a Break

If you are starting to feel burned out, take a break. Go out to lunch, play a game on your computer, or just take a walk. Make some time for yourself during the day to give yourself that extra motivation. Another thing you might want to consider is working from home, if possible. Even just working from home once a week can really help increase job satisfaction. Being at home gives you a sense of freedom and is more relaxing. In addition, a change of environment can be very refreshing and greatly increase efficiency.



6. Don’t Let Work Take Over Your Life

Leave your work at work. Once you go home, stop worrying about your job and do things that you enjoy. Work is only about one-third or less of your life, so keep it that way. Otherwise, you will still feel like you are at work while you are at home and will not be able to relax. In addition, try to be more frugal with your spending so that you won’t have to worry about working as much to support your lifestyle. If possible, consider only working four days a week or less hours each day. This way, you won’t get as burned out and will have more time to recharge before going to work again.