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Hit the Road with AgileHR Services for Transport & Trucking

When you trust your employees with precious cargo and long distances, you want to make sure your team is the best around. AgileHR offers a suite of online software capabilities that can cover all your HR needs. From hiring and onboarding to employee reviews and payroll, we help your employees get on the road faster.

Our Top Applicant Tracking Software

There’s a lot to love about a life on the road, so you probably get frequent applications from drivers across the country. With AgileHR, you can keep track of your best potential hires and their progress through the hiring and onboarding process so you’ll be ready for their first day too. We’ve designed our applicant tracking system to fit the needs of small to medium businesses in transportation services like yours.

Our software is capable of:

  • – Online job requisition
  • – Candidate management
  • – Custom career portal
  • – Job listing tools
  • – Links to major job boards like Indeed, LinkedIn and Glassdoor
  • – Analytics and reporting tools
  • – Integrated background checks
  • – Job descriptions

Streamlined Onboarding System

After you’ve added the newest drivers to your fleet, you’ll need to train them. Transportation services such as trucking, taxi services and bus driving take a lot of work to master. The onboarding software from AgileHR allows you to send paperwork, show org charts and share training videos from one spot. We also have capabilities for calendars, messaging and additional tools to help you get started. This way your drivers will be ready to hit the road in no time.

Employee Reviews & Performance Evaluations

When your employees are trusted with precious cargo or passengers, you can’t take a risk on quality. Part of our system includes customizable employee reviews and performance evaluations. We let you set goals and give helpful feedback to each of your employees to improve your staff. When you run a transportation service, it can be hard to find time to work with your employees one-on-one. We make it easy!

Payroll System for Your Transportation Business

In addition to our other capacities, our iSolved payroll system blends into your business. From a single point, you can schedule payments, decrease flaws and save your transportation business money. Learn how streamlined our payroll system can be with the help of AgileHR.

Request a Demo from AgileHR Today

From coast to coast, transportation services like yours have trusted their applicant tracking, onboarding and payroll capabilities to AgileHR. You can see for yourself how easy our software is to use by scheduling a demo with AgileHR. We can walk you through all the capabilities and let you ask questions specific to your business. Handling HR tasks has never been easier than with AgileHR.