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Small to Medium Business

Small to Medium-Sized Business Total HR Software Package

AgileHR knows the employee life-cycle from start to finish. Whether you’re looking for new talent or trying to build up your existing staff, our industry- leading Talent Management software is designed to help. We’re obsessed with creating software that makes everyone better at their job. With intuitive screens, deep knowledge of HR and auditing capabilities, AgileHR has the tools you need to move your company forward.

We have decades of experience in the HR and Talent Management world. We’re seriously committed to helping HR professionals and small to medium-sized businesses streamline the hiring process to find the best candidate matches for openings, bring them into the company smoothly, and the develop their skills for the long term.

Applicant Tracking Software

For small to medium businesses, the process of hiring new employees can be risky. An applicant that doesn’t work out could cost your company money, but overworking your current staff can be worse. So how do you know for sure which candidates will work best? AgileHR offers applicant tracking software for small to medium businesses that keep applicants in order, connects you to the most popular job search websites and keeps all paperwork digital.

We don’t have the top applicant tracking system for nothing. Our program ensures your newest hires fit your company culture, qualifications and more.

Employee Onboarding Software

New hires need to know what to expect from their company and from themselves during their new career, so the first day on the job is often left to HR professionals. AgileHR has developed employee onboarding software that helps train and makes new hires feel welcome. It’s easy to use for employees and HR professionals alike. Get a demo today to see if it’s right for your small to medium business.

Performance Management System

When your staff is limited to a small or medium business, rewarding hard work and skill is important. Employee reviews don’t have to feel daunting for your employees. Our employee performance management and review software helps you reinforce good skills and reward your top employees.