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Retail Sales

Your Answer to Managing Your Retail Business

In today’s atmosphere of small retail space and owners needing to produce more work with fewer employees, it is crucial to have an integrated operating system with a single source for all employee management structures that is easy to use.

Applicant Tracking Software

At one point or another, most everyone will have worked in retail, but that doesn’t mean they are cut out for it. Excellent customer service skills can be hard to come by. Guarantee yourself the perfect fit with only having the applicants who fit your criteria. AgileHR’s Applicant Tracking software filters all the submissions and drills down to those who have the skills you need to build your staff.

Onboarding with Ease

Deliver all the nuts and bolts of your company quickly and efficiently and get your new-hires on the floor and ready to work with AgileHR’s Employee Onboarding System. They can fill out paperwork, understand organizational charts, view training videos and see their schedules all from one easy to access point.

Performance and Review Software

Coaching and setting goals, along with measuring the growth of your employees can be a fulfilling part of owning a retail space, but when you pair that with having to track everything, tedium can set in. When you use AgileHR’s Employee and Performance Management software, you have a single point to organize those aspects and see areas of growth and areas of improvement for your store. This lets you apply a measurable action plan and deliver feedback.

Not Just Payroll

When your employees take care of your business, it is easy to want to take care of them. When you provide excellent benefits, HR, and a payment program, you need a system that is accurate and easy to use. Smooth out the process of timekeeping, schedules, payroll, and benefits and free up time to focus on growing your store’s brand.

Seeing is Believing

Request a demo to see all that AgileHR can do to take the busy work off your desk and allow you to make your retail space a success.