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Non-profit Organizations

Total Employee Reviews, Onboarding and Performance Management for Non-profits

For your non-profit program, employee performance means more than making money– it’s the difference between making a change or not. Employees under non-profit payrolls wear many different hats and work hard to help others, but what if there was a way to make that easier? AgileHR has a suite of flexible programs that allow you to track potential hires, welcome new employees and outline standards for your current staff.

Performance Management Software

Employee reviews don’t have to be a chore for your HR department or employees. Reviewing performance is important for non-profits to ensure their goals can be met. Doing so ensures that your organization meets to qualify for and receive grants. Analytics are important to track percentage of growth to maintain those grants. AgileHR performance management software clearly outlines job functions, sets objectives and provides meaningful feedback. You can also create SMART goals to align with your non-profit’s mission statement and core values to ensure your employees understand your cause. Your employees are one of your most important resources, so helping them improve will only help your non-profit.

Applicant Tracking Software

For many non-profits, simply posting job ads isn’t enough. Find candidates who are truly passionate about your cause and have the experience to back it up- learn more about the Agile Applicant Tracking system. As one of the top applicant tracking systems, Agile uses an integrated career portal that allows you to compare top candidates to your current top performers. Expectation outlines and company culture sit front and center to ensure that your new applicants will be both qualified and happy at their new position.

Agile Applicant Tracking system uses digital forms to cut down on the paperwork. You get analytics and reports, links to major job boards, online requisitions and candidate management all through an easy to use custom career portal.

Employee Onboarding Software

For many candidates, working for a non-profit is a way for them to get behind the causes that matter to them. This passion is essential to employee and company happiness. AgileHR employee onboarding software will show them the ropes without wasting time or paper. From the employee portal, your new hires can complete paperwork, view faculty and organization charts and watch training videos. You can share company messages, calendars and privacy statements to new and seasoned employees as well. Agile makes your new hire onboarding process easier than ever!

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From discovering the right candidate to welcoming them and reviewing their performance, AgileHR is there every step of the way. Our software is advanced, intuitive and customizable without making it confusing to your HR employees or other staff members. See AgileHR for yourself. Request a demo today!