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Better Management Software

Dedication is only one small part of what makes up a good employee. Having an employee understand how to do the job with accurate follow-through is a critical key to having a good team in your manufacturing company. AgileHR saves you time and effort with its complete business management software system that streamlines all the back-work for your company.

Find the One Who Stands Apart

It is not always easy to find the right person for the job you must fill, and when you run a small to medium-sized manufacturing company your time is of infinite value. AgileHR understands that and can help you filter out the best candidates and bring them into your line of sight with our Applicant Tracking Software.

Onboarding Made Easy

Eliminate unnecessary paperwork and familiarize your new-hires with all the pertinent information to the running of your manufacturing company with one easy to use system. AgileHR’s Employee Onboarding software allows you to customize the data that you need your team to know and upload it for ease of delivery. Your communication with your employees will be clear, concise and instant.

Manage Your Growth

Your employees’ performance is in direct correlation with how your business performs. When you can grow one, you instantly grow the other. AgileHR’s Performance Management software lets you do both. Set goals, implement plans, see results and deliver feedback all from one easy to use access point. Free up your time to focus on manufacturing.

Benefits and Payroll

When your employees take care of your business, it is easy to reciprocate. When you provide outstanding benefits, HR, and a payment program, you need a system that is easy to use, but is also accurate. Shift your focus back to what you love about manufacturing and put the process of timekeeping, schedules, payroll, and benefits.

Manufacture Results

AgileHR wants to show you what we can do for you. Build a better operating structure for your manufacturing company by scheduling a demo now.