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Reliable Franchise Management Software

Franchises work best when they are well organized and have a direct reporting system to their home office. AgileHR has your franchise management software solutions to streamline your operations. Our software allows the home office and the franchise to have a reporting system that is accessible to both parties. Having a clear, accurate and timely reading on how each franchise is doing is key to the success of the entire company. That reporting snapshot helps you identify areas of success, as well as opportunities for improvement when you need them. AgileHR’s software for franchise management is perfect to help your company track its franchises success.

Fully Integrated Tracking Software

AgileHR knows that having an easy to use reporting system is the first step in integrating your business. We have designed a franchise management system that brings all aspects of effective employee management and franchise reporting together in one easy to use software program. AgileHR’s software project offers:

  • – Applicant Tracking
  • – Onboarding employees
  • – Franchise requirements
  • – Performance management
  • – Employee management
  • – Franchise data storage and processing
  • – Payroll
  • – Benefits tracking
  • – Profitability

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