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Food Service

Total Employee Management Software for You

It is a given that almost everyone at some point will work in the food service industry, with the number of restaurants and dining establishments in operation. AgileHR has the software that manages the back-end of running a business, so you can focus on what you love about working in the food service industry.

Order Up!

You need to hire the right people for your business because your staff will directly affect the success of your company. AgileHR’s Applicant Tracking System tools are designed to enhance and streamline your hiring processes by filtering the applicants and bringing the most qualified forward.

Onboarding the Best People

For your business to run well in the food service industry, you must have the right people in the right places. Once you have hired the right people, getting them set up ready to go can be a time-consuming process if you don’t have the Employee Onboarding software from AgileHR. Our software will streamline the process of advising your new-hires of policies, scheduling and other necessary paperwork.

Managing Measuring Performance

Reviewing the growth of your employees’ and your business simultaneously, while managing their performance, is not a chore with the Performance Management System. Set goals, track metrics, measure performance and provide feedback all from one convenient tool. Take the pressure of busy-work off your shoulders and let your focus return to running your business.

Pay Day Fun Again

Imagine the time you can save when your company’s payroll processing runs along-side your time-keeping, attendance, benefits information, and human resources. With AgileHR’s integrated payroll package, you can:

  • – Drag, move, copy and change time
  • – Set of geofencing locations to monitor where employees are clocking in and out
  • – Easy payroll closing at the click of a button in just minutes
  • – Single screen views to see totals and earning codes

Free Demo for Your Business

Let us show you how advanced, intuitive and customizable our software is for you. Go back to what you love about your business and reach out for a free demo.