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Financial Institutions

Employee Onboarding Software for Financial Institutions

Financial institutions are constantly serving their members daily with services for deposits, loans and a variety of other financial services. When you have so much on your hands, you need an easy-to-use platform to manage HR tasks such as payroll, employee onboarding, performance management and applicant tracking easier. The professionals at AgileHR offer an array of programs that will allow you to track potential hires, welcome new employees and measure the work your team completes.

Applicant Tracking Software

In this market, simply posting a job description won’t be enough. The Agile Applicant Tracking system is a great, convenient way to find experience applicants to work at your financial institution. Because Agile uses an integrated career portal, you’ll be able to compare the best candidates to your current top performers. And because Agile Applicant Tracking system is digital, you won’t have to juggle pesky paperwork. The software provides analytics and reports, links to job boards, online requisitions and candidate management all in an easy-to-use career portal.

Employee Onboarding Software

Your financial institution needs effective, experienced employees to run smoothly. Our employee onboarding software will train employees without wasting time or paper. Using our employee portal, new hires will be able to complete paperwork, view faculty and organizational charts and watch training videos. It’s an easy-to-use platform that allows you to share company messages, calendars, privacy statements and much more. Onboarding is easier than ever with AgileHR.

Performance Management System

When you use our performance management software, employee reviews will be a breeze. At AgileHR, we understand how pivotal employee reviews are. That’s why our performance management software conveniently outlines job functions, sets goals and provides crucial feedback. You’ll be able to set smart goals aligning with your mission statement and core values.

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For discovering new candidates to performance reviews and everything in between, you can rely on AgileHR’s software. Our programs are advanced, customizable and intuitive, making it easy for your HR employees and other staff members to navigate it. To see it in action, request a demo now.