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Your Dental Clinic’s New Employee Management Software

Whether you’re looking for the perfect new hire for your dental clinic or managing performance of your current employees, AgileHR has got your back. We know you have specific requirements in the dental industry where hiring the wrong employee with the wrong qualifications can seriously affect your patients, other staff and business as a whole. That’s why we’ve designed HR software that helps you pick the right new hire, train them and monitor their performance all from one place.

Applicant Tracking Software

Chances are your dental clinic gets new applicants every week. So how do you find the right candidate when you need them quickly? AgileHR knows how easy it is to lose yourself in stacks of resumes and applications, so we’ve designed one of the top applicant tracking systems available to small businesses like yours. This software includes features like:

  • – Online job requisition
  • – Candidate management
  • – Integrated background checks
  • – Custom career portal
  • – Job listing tools
  • – Links to major job boards like Indeed, LinkedIn and Glassdoor
  • – Analytics and reporting tools
  • – Job descriptions

Employee Onboarding System

Once you’ve found your new addition to the team, it’s time to train them. There’s a lot that goes into working at a dental clinic, whether you’ve hired a new hygienist, receptionist, oral surgeon or other dental professional. Our onboarding software allows your employees to fill out paperwork, see organization charts and view training videos all from one place. You can share calendars, messages and other important information needed to get started.

Employee Performance & Review Software

In the dental industry, quality is always a requirement. So how do you ensure your employees are always improving and learning? AgileHR offers performance review software that helps you measure standards against the performance of your staff. You can set goals and give meaningful feedback that will help your staff improve. When you work at a dental clinic, every day is a busy day, but AgileHR’s performance review software allows you to carve out time to improve your staff’s skills and evaluate the best performers.

Online Payroll Software

Streamlining your payroll methods is a great way of saving money for your dental clinic. iSolved payroll software from AgileHR integrates into your business through a single source to automate payments, increase efficiencies and, best of all, save your practice money. Be in control of your own payroll processing and aware of errors before they strike.

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AgileHR is obsessed with delivering the best software to dental practices like yours. With payroll, hiring and management capabilities, having all your HR capabilities at the tip of your fingers can transform your business for the better. Schedule a demo with us today to see if our software is right for you and your dental clinic.