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Applicant Tracking Software for Construction Companies

Filling a pivotal role in your construction company can be stressful. Whether it’s filling a site management role or simply a laborer, you still want the best on your team. After you post a job opening, you’re expected to not only wait for the right candidate to come along, but hope that potential candidates understand how wonderful the position and your construction firm are.

With AgileHR, you can stop waiting around and start seeing the results you want. Our unique performance-based approach to hiring has brought many construction companies success. Let us bring success to you by finding you the right match!

Outline your expectations through our Profiles. We know that you’re looking for reliable carpenters to expert framers and everything in between. That’s why you’ll be able to define results, find applicants who will fit in with your company culture and compare candidates to your top-performing managers, laborers or project assistants. Our applicant tracking system can perform all the standard duties you’d need in applicant tracking software and more.

Ditch the Hassle of Paper with Our Applicant Tracking Software

The hiring process can be stressful and disorganized. Not only do you have to juggle multiple construction sites, but you have to juggle resumes as well. Resumes, along with tracking emails and filing applications, can often cause things to slip between the cracks. Put the old way of doing things behind you with our top applicant tracking systems. Agile HR’s SaaS ATS system will give you every tool you need, such as:

  • – Online job requisition
  • – Candidate management
  • – Integrated background checks
  • – Custom career portal
  • – Job listing tools that integrates seamlessly into your company’s website
  • – Links to major job boards such as Indeed, Facebook, LinkedIn, Monster, etc.
  • – Analytics and reporting tools
  • – Job descriptions
  • – EEQ-1/OFCCP, tracking and reporting

And just because we want to make it easy for you, our applicant tracking system is accessible from your tablet or phone. We also integrate with your other HR systems.

Customize it by Building Your Own System

Finding the right applicants is a nightmare with complicated and old-fashioned ATS software. With AgileHR, interviewing applicants will be a breeze. Our easy-to-use system has all the tools you need. Your company has a unique and efficient way of managing construction sites, employees and clients. Why shouldn’t you have an applicant tracking system that does the same? Our software will be the right fit for every construction firm.

Play it Safe—Hire Applicants with the Best Employee Applicant Tracking Software

Do you think we’re lacking something your construction company needs? Let us know and we’ll make it work! Do you need a new form? No problem! Custom reports? We’ve got your back! We’ll work together to outline your processes by creating a custom development plan that caters to your unique needs. Get a quote today on your customized system.