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Complete Employee Management Software for Your Call Center

Working in a call center is based on communication with a diverse range of people. It is never the same call twice, and every day is different. Finding the right people for your call center can be easy and manageable when you let AgileHR’s software do the work for you.

Finding the Right Employee to do the Job

Call centers are a key component to your company’s success. You need to make sure you have the right person on your end of the phone. Your call center can be the first point of contact for your customers and making sure that they have the best impression of your services falls on the shoulders of your employees. Let our applicant tracking software filter the best applicants to the top.

AgileHR’s SaaS ATS system provides you with:

  • – Online job requisition
  • – Candidate management
  • – Links to major job boards like Indeed, LinkedIn and ZipRecuiter
  • – Analytics and reporting tools
  • – Integrated background checks
  • – Custom career portal
  • – Job listing tools
  • – Job descriptions

Onboarding Your New Staff

Our software can tackle the entire onboarding process for your call center. Before they begin working for you, new employees need to know your call center’s policies, scheduling, hours, time-off and other details. Our complete package will make sure they are ready to start in no time at all.

Performance Management & Employee Reviews

Keeping track of measurable metrics and statistics, coaching, team meetings, goals and growth is crucial for call centers. Our software can streamline that process for you. Manage all the moving parts to your employee’s productivity in one program. Track performance, set goals and provide feedback with AgileHR’s Employee Review and Performance Management software.


Save your company thousands of dollars a year by using paperless payroll software. From a single point, you can manage attendance, hours, employee benefits, and HR for your call center. Our fully integrated system gives you control of your company’s payroll processing. This minimizes mistakes, simplifies the procedure and shifts your focus back to your company’s success and the engagement of your team.

Free Demo for Your Business

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