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  • How To Be Impressive at Your Next Job Interview


Practice makes perfect! Plus, it will help ease your mind of the anxieties that come with being put in the “hot seat.” You can practice with friends and family, or even use them to find friends from other companies that are willing to run a practice interview with you. The more you practice, the more comfortable you will be with the process, which can then let you be yourself rather than tense and uncomfortable.


Know Your Stuff

Study the company and your position before going in; you never want to go into an interview blind. Make sure you know as much about their company as possible, including any hard news about them that may have occurred in the last month. Find out more about the position you are interviewing for as well; this will help you understand which kinds of responsibilities and tasks you’ll be required to do on the job, and recognize the traits and skills you want to highlight about yourself in the interview.


Clean Up Your Social Media

Most companies do a new kind of a “background check” these days. They will almost always take a look at your social media profiles to see if you are a responsible person. Pictures and statuses about excessive parties and drinking will not be to your advantage. Sometimes companies will look to see if you start or join in on controversial conversations, if you pick fights, or if you help settle them. Just make sure that when you are interviewing for a job that your social media profiles say what you would like to portray about yourself.


Be On Time

Being on time shows your interviewer a couple of things: 1) that you are a prompt person and can follow orders to do something when you are supposed to do it, and 2) that you are excited to be there and learn more. Talk to them and try to be a part of the company.


Dress To Impress

It used to be a standard that anytime you went in for an interview you would wear your best dress: a suit and tie, or dress for women. Now it seems this idea is starting to fade; some young people still dress formally when coming in to meet a potential employer, while others think that jeans and a t-shirt is enough. Our suggestion is that dressing up will never be a bad idea.


Be Yourself, Be Excited, and Stay Calm

Be honest to the kind of person you are, you want your potential employer to see you for you, not someone you will pretend to be for a few weeks and then naturally fall into the person you really are. Plus, showing some personality will make you a more memorable person, and memorable is what you want to be when you are competing with other candidates for the same position.


Show that you are excited to be there; smile, tell them how fantastic you think it would be to work for them, etc. Just try not to come off as over the top or as though you are sucking up.


Stay calm. It is easier to be yourself when you aren’t so hyped up and concerned about making a good impression. Just know that if you show your skill and be who you are, when you are hired, they will have hired you because YOU are what they are looking for.


What’s Your Weakness?

A lot of businesses will ask you what you deem your biggest weakness and why; it is a good idea to have this answer considered before going in for the interview. It can be a tricky question since you obviously don’t want to talk about weaknesses, you’d rather talk about your strengths and skills. But, being able to identify something that you’re working on shows confidence in the fact that you can recognize weaknesses but are willing to try and make them strengths.


Show What You Know

When talking about skills you have learned and gained throughout the years, try to relate this knowledge to how you can use them in the job you are interviewing for. Don’t assume they will do this for you, they may not come up with the same kinds of connections that you will.


Follow Up/Thank You

Shortly after your interview you will want to follow up with them, let them know how excited you are to hear from them, and thank them for the time they took to interview you.

Just remember that some interviews will go well, and others will not. Just keep trying, keep practicing, and you will continue to get better.