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  • I Wish I Had 3 Just Like Her!

Have you ever said to yourself, “I’d like to have 3 more ee’s just like her,” when referring to a Star Employee? You know, that self-motivated, goal-hitting, work accomplishing employee that just seems to “get it” and contribute far more to the company by just being who they are? Everyone would. We’ve all said or heard it before while dreaming of the endless possibilities.

Now you can do just that! Exclusive Profile Metrics Technology inside Agile|ATS allows you to survey those Star Performers in every department for Trending Job Skills and Cultural Preferences. We give you the ability through this innovative technology to find out which candidates match the skill set and cultural preferences of your Star Performer.

Obviously, technology can help in every department but think of the possibilities for sales roles. Sales, or jobs that include sales in them like loan officers or member service representatives, could be greatly impacted immediately. If you could hire a workforce of Star employees that fit the company culture and were looking for a long-term career, you would be thought of as a Hiring Genius! And you should be.

Agile|ATS has proprietary technology no other ATS has access to. You simply survey your top performer for trending job skills and cultural preferences to set as your benchmark. Next, you offer this short, fun survey to your candidates to find out which candidates closely match your star employee. The survey uses sliders for the cultural preferences portion and we’ve heard that it’s really pretty fun (we think it is, too!)

This exciting, new tool is not intended to replace assessments, interviews or common sense but it is designed to tell you which applicants possess the right job skills and fit culturally to ultimately provide top performance and stick around for the long haul. Who in Human Resources wouldn’t want that?

Hiring is a challenging function in Human Resources and hiring Top Performing Employees on a regular basis is an even bigger challenge that can be hard to achieve. By using Profile Metrics, you are now able to view the results and score of each candidate providing you with data to help make your decision. The scoring algorithm does the work for you, helping you make better informed decisions. The technology takes the guess work out of so many variables and used in conjunction with great interview skills you will be more efficient in your Hiring Decisions.

Call or email us today for your free, no obligation tour of Agile|ATS and let your client support rep know you’re interested in learning more about Profile Metrics Technology.