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Does your company have strong communication between HR, hiring managers, and other departments? If you want to improve retention and streamline the hiring process, make sure that your recruiters are staying in contact with hiring managers and other people on the team.

Understanding the Roles of HR, Hiring Managers, and Recruiters

To help you see the importance of this communication, it is important that you take a look at the responsibilities of each person. HR is in place to ensure that processes are in place and policy and employment laws are being followed. Recruiters (either internal or an outside contractor) are responsible for finding talent and bringing them to the company. Hiring managers can have many responsibilities, including making the final hiring decision, helping new hires to integrate into the organization, and overseeing employee performance.

It is important for everyone on the team to work together. A streamlined system inclusive of all parties involved in the hiring process will create a positive experience for candidates, setting a great first impression for your company.

The Relationship between HR and Hiring Managers

Even though HR is responsible for overseeing the rules and regulations, it is important that the HR team has an open ear to understand the concerns and needs of the company’s hiring managers. These managers can provide insight about the skills and personalities that will be a good match for the team, then the recruiters and HR employees can confirm that candidates match these requirements.

Additionally, HR can provide the information for new hires to complete the necessary paperwork and onboarding requirements. When HR is working closely with hiring managers, a system can be put in place to ensure that everyone is working together to provide a positive experience for new hires.

In most situations, the candidate will work with HR during every step of the hiring process. Then, there needs to be a smooth transition to move the new employee into their new job. If the hiring manager understands the onboarding system, they can leverage the tools and resources that are available to help the new employee seamlessly integrate into the team.

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