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  • How Social Recruiting Transformed the Hiring Process

There is no question that social recruiting has impacted the hiring process, but many companies are losing out on potential employees because they are leaving the social element out of their recruiting strategy. If you want to attract the right candidates for your job posting, then you need to take an active approach with social media. Here are a few steps that you might consider:

Social Job Posting

When a new job posting goes live, it should be shared on social platforms to spread the word. Many job seekers are using social websites to look for job openings, and it is more likely that they will see your job posting if it is shared through social websites.

There are a few methods to socially share the job posting online. If you have an established social media profile, then you can share the job posting as an update to your followers. For example, post the job posting link on your Facebook page, share it via Twitter, and make sure the job posting can be found via LinkedIn. Also, look for options to post the job online where it can be shared through HR vendors or other companies which share job opportunities with job seekers.

Another option to share the job posting is by paying for social media advertising, to target a specific demographic of potential candidates. Social websites, such as Facebook, offer effective tools to help you promote your ad to people who are involved in the industry and who live in a specific area. You can closely match the advertising demographics with the type of person that you are trying to hire.

Social Profile Sourcing

If you are actively looking to approach potential candidates, then you may consider sourcing through social profiles. Looking at online communities, blogs, and social media profiles will help you to identify candidates who are a good match for your company. Then, you can approach the person with information about the job posting to see if they are interested.

Sourcing candidates in this method is a little more time consuming, but it is a great way to locate potential employees who might not be actively looking for a job. If they are already employed with a different company, then it is not likely that they are actively searching through job postings. When you reach out to them, there is a possibility that they might apply for the job even though they were not actively looking, because they can see how the job opening might be beneficial for their career path.

Manual vs. Software Tools

You can spend the time to manually share your job through social networks, but it is not necessary to manually post each job opening because there are software programs that can take care of the heavy lifting. With our applicant tracking software, you can publish job openings through the software, and have those postings shared on free job websites and social sites such as Twitter and Facebook. These types of tools save time and money, because you can focus your efforts on what matters most.