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  • How Objective PM Systems Impact Employee Growth and Performance

In business situations, employees and managers often have a poor attitude about the topic of performance management, because they don’t see the value that can be gained through a quality performance management system. They view the performance management process as a necessary event that needs to be completed, and it often is obligatory and rushed in order to get it done at the end of the year. These attitudes can impact the performance management discussion, resulting in a strained conversation and discomfort for both the manager and the employee.

To make matters worse, this performance review experience can be impacted by the bias of the manager, especially when there is not an objective performance review system in place. Without specific performance review guidelines, a manager might complete the review based on their opinion of the employee instead of looking at specific factors and data points that impact the performance of the employee.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way. With the right system, you can completely transform the performance management within your organization, and help both managers and employees to see the value that can be gained. With an ongoing cycle, the employee’s performance can be tracked, and goals can be set to help the employee develop their skill more effectively. This structured system helps the manager to be more objective in their evaluation of the employee, and it also makes it easier for the manager to provide constructive feedback and training in order to help the employee succeed.

Why Objective Review Points Matter

Performance management always needs to be based on a specific set of criteria, and those goals should be developed by looking at the core skill sets for the job. These skills are things that impact the overall performance of the employee. When the goals are set based on the basic skill sets, the employee will see an improvement in their overall performance as a result of their progress.

One of the biggest advantages to the focus on individual skills is the fact that the employee can see the stepping stones to improve their overall performance. The performance management system should be setup in a way that it easily interacts with their day activities, so that they can understand the ways that the goals will help them to develop a stronger skill set.

How to Write Effective Objectives for Performance Reviews

There are two elements that need to be considered when writing the performance objectives:

  1. The action needs to be addressed, which is the work activity that the employee should take.
  2. The outcome needs to be identified, which shows the result that will occur as a result of the action.

When the objectives are written following these guidelines, then the manager is able to review the actions and outcomes that occurred. Additionally, the employee can see how their goals impacted their performance, which helps them to have improved job satisfaction and a desire to continue improving their skill set.