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  • Expanding Company Culture to Open the Door for Remote Employees

Digital communication has opened the door in many aspects of business, making it easier than ever for employees, clients, and business associates to stay connected. As these methods of communication have opened up, many companies are jumping on board with the concept of work-from-home solutions for their employees.

There are many benefits available by employing remote employees, and companies often find that this working relationship is beneficial for both the company and the employee. If you want to have remote employees in your office, then you need to make sure that you are setting the right company culture though.

How Company Culture Impacts Employee Productivity

One of the biggest concerns about remote employees is whether the home environment will have a negative impact on the employee’s performance. Is it possible that being at home might actually decrease the employee’s productivity?

The key issue lies in the company culture that you are fostering. When employees are happy and satisfied with their job, then they will be more likely to fully engage in the work they are doing, which naturally increases their productivity. On the other hand, employees that are dissatisfied with their work will be dreading their work hours, causing productivity to go down regardless of where their desk is located.

If you want to offer remote options for your employees, then it is absolutely essential that you are proactive to foster a company culture that increases employee satisfaction.

Company Culture Starts with Recruiting

Improving your company culture is closely related to the way that you recruit new employees to your company. By recruiting the right talent and attitude, it is possible to improve the culture within your office and create a situation that lends well to remote employees.

Look for people who are self-starters, because these employees are willing to take charge on a project instead of waiting for direction on every small task that needs to be done. When you create an environment that gives each individual more responsibility for their performance, then it is likely that they will step up by improving their performance. This method is applicable for employees who are working within your office, as well as employees who are based in a different location.

Small Changes Can Have a Big Impact

It might seem like a big task to transform your company culture to make it possible to offer remote working opportunities to your employees. But, the truth is that small changes can go a long way. Once you begin gaining traction with the new initiatives, things can really start to take off.

Keep in mind that offering work-at-home solutions for your employees might actually have a positive impact on the company culture, making it easier to manage an effective working relationship from a distance. But, the most important thing is that you keep the employees engaged and responsible for their performance so that they are proactive with their productivity.

For more information about a system that will keep your employees proactively improving their skills and performance, contact us at AgileHR. We offer a number of software solutions to make it simple for you to manage employee performance.