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  • Don’t Botch the Onboarding Process: Setting Up Your New Hire for Success

When a new employee starts working for your company, the first few days will set the stage for the employee’s relationship with the business. A good onboarding system can help to make it a smooth process, so that you can effectively introduce the employee to the company and make it easy for them to transition into their new job.

Consistency from Start to Finish

The truth is that onboarding starts when the first contact is made for interviewing the employee. You need to make sure that you are sending a consistent message to each person who interacts with your company, because the application and interviewing process set the stage for new hire onboarding.

So, assess you recruiting and onboarding systems, and make sure they are in alignment with the employee’s best interests in mind.

Why Onboarding is so Important

Most companies will agree that it is much cheaper to focus on retention, rather than spending the money that is required to hire new employees. By starting employees with the right attitude in the beginning, you can increase employee satisfaction which has a direct impact on retention.

Plus, an effective onboarding process will help the employee be productive faster, which means they will be a contributing employee within a shorter period of time.

Tips for Effective Onboarding

Here are a few tips that you can use to improve your onboarding process:

  • Stay organized, so that all of the required interview and new hire forms are easily accessible. If possible, send these forms home with the employee so that they can arrive on the first day with the paperwork filled out.
  • Make sure the new employee knows where to show up, and have a staff member available to offer a warm welcome and show them around. Be sure that access badges are ready to go (if applicable).
  • Have their work area prepared with office supplies and a working computer. It is important to have the computer setup with the software and passwords that are needed so that the employee can start working.
  • Implement a system to track their progress and growth, and have regular meetings to assess their goals and offer support as needed.

One of the easiest ways to smooth out the onboarding process is by implementing an effective recruiting and onboarding software program. Here at AgileHR, we understand the challenges that you are facing during the onboarding process, and we have designed a software program to lighten your load.

Contact us to learn more about the software services that are available. We will gladly show you a complimentary demo so that you can see just how much you can benefit from this software.